Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon

2 Mar

bloodmagiclyonFavorite lines: “She has the mark. Hannah. She has the death mark.” (p. 21)

Long ago, there were good earth witches who worked along side the witch hunters. Together they destroyed the demon witches, earth witches gone bad.

One day the demon witches worked a curse that separated the witch hunters and earth witches. The curse made the hunters hunger for witch blood and they disavowed their God. The earth witches went into hiding.

Some hunters were determined to remain true to their sole purpose in life…to protect earth witches. They didn’t seek out witches and refused to give in to their blood lust, for they knew to do so would be to give up their soul for all eternity. Axel Locke, leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters, is such a man. He will not lose his soul because of  lust for power, but he will to save his sister’s life.

Axel’s father killed the wrong witch and in retaliation a death curse was placed on him. Because he is an immortal witch hunter the curse passed along to the next mortal of his line, his daughter, Hannah. Axel has a limited amount of time to find an earth witch to break the curse or kill the demon witch who placed the curse or his sister will die.

Jennifer Lyon has a unique concept of witches and their guardians who were torn apart by the bad guys, finding their way back together in Blood Magic. The good guys are faced with two options in life: Kill a witch and lose their soul, or have sex often to slake their need for blood.

The tormented hero isn’t new territory for the romance circuit (most heroes are tormented and sex often plays a role in their reaction to their problems), but it is fun and well written. I devoured the book, even as my rational mind screamed at the men for being to thick-headed to pick up on the signs of earth witches having more to offer than blood.

The heroine, Darcy MacAlister, is a woman with many issues and needs to come to terms with her witch bloodline. She works at it throughout the book. Despite her personal issues, Darcy is understanding and overcomes her own hangups in order to help Axel with his. She proves to be powerful, independent and willing to give it all up for the love of her life.

In closing, Blood Magic made me want more. More witches. More witch hunters. More sex. More. More. More.


3 Responses to “Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon”

  1. SciFiGuy March 2, 2009 at 10:14 pm #

    “More witches. More witch hunters. More sex.” OK you sold me.

  2. scooper March 2, 2009 at 10:20 pm #

    SciFiGuy: It’s such a fun quick read that i almost didn’t know what to say about why I liked it. When I finished it I was not happy about waiting until December for the next installment.


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    […] Q&A: ‘Blood Magic’ author talks about her hero and Hugh Jackman March 8, 2009 Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors. trackback Jennifer Lyon is probably better known in literary circles as Jennifer Apodaca, author of the sexy and fun Samantha Shaw series that includes DATING CAN BE MURDER, NINJA SOCCER MOMS and THRILLED TO DEATH. I talked to her about her first paranormal romance BLOOD MAGIC. (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW FROM SCOOPER SPEAKS). […]

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