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Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand by Carrie Vaughn

16 Mar

kittydeadmanshandvaughnFavorite lines: “They perked up, straightening, peeling themselves off their perches. They moved like water, graceful, without a sound. They wore jeans and pants, riding low on their hips. No shirts. Their chests were long expanses of enticing skin. They stalked forward on bare feet, never taking their gazes from me, like I was some interesting new toy they had to examine–a mouse stuffed with catnip, maybe. I should have run from there.” (p. 208)

Kitty and her mate Ben, alphas of Denver’s pack of werewolves, have finally picked a date for their wedding. The place? Well…they’re just going to elope in Las Vegas with Kitty’s parents as witnesses. Their hotel is the location for a business venture, and oh yeah, there’s a gun show taking place there as well. Gun show, aka collecting point for werewolf bounty hunters. But back to business.

Kitty is combining a little business with pleasure. She plans to put on a live production of her Midnight Hour radio show in Vegas. But to make her live show great, she needs to get the scoop on the supernatural Vegas style. The stuff that only Vegas people know.

While Kitty is learning about a secret the Vampire community is keeping, a magician that just might be the real deal, and a seductive animal show, something happens that could make it impossible for the couple to say, “I do.”

The dark really comes out after the Midnight Hour and this installment of Kitty showcases just that. When Kitty begins investigating the fascinating world of Sin City, she stumbles across intriguing people. Mostly men, but there is one woman that I think will pay a surprise visit in the next book, Kitty Raises Hell.

The first person narration worked to wrap me up in Kitty’s world, but I felt that the Ben plot was totally neglected. It’s the flaw with the story being in first person. We can’t follow Ben. We have to wait with Kitty for him to make an appearance and tell us what happened.

Added to the moments when I wanted to smack Kitty for being stupid. Kitty deserved to get the crap beaten out of her and seriously maimed for being a dumb ass. But she’s a werewolf and prone to the occasional animalistic action. She reacts instead of thinking, but she never gives up or stops caring.

Unlike past Carrie Vaughn books, Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand lacked emotional strings. It used action and mystery to entice the reader. The pacing was a little slow; it was kind of like the models they show you in school of a hill. It worked up to the climax then took off at a sprint. Making the beginning dull, and the end better.

I don’t think that Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand is the best book in the series. It was okay.

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