Rant against Verizon

25 Mar

This is unusual for me, but I’m pissed and plan to share. If you don’t want to hear, go away!

I’ve got four people on my Verizon Wireless account. After two years (and some change) of the basic phone for two of the lines, we upgraded. No prob. right? Well, Verizon forgot to inform us that by upgrading our phones all of the plans change. So instead of paying $5 a month for internet. (I check my email a lot.) I’ll be paying $1.99 per MG. Browsing Verizon downloads and trying music before I buy is no longer free.

Not a big deal if I knew. I’ve always got the laptop, but by not telling me I’m out of over $40. I’m pissed. I’m furious. I’ve been fleeced and want to tell Verizon thank you for taking money out of my refrigerator.

Thank you Verizon for not telling me that upgrading was going to cost me a shit load of money. ($40 may not be a lot to some people, but for me it’s a week and a half worth of gas.)


2 Responses to “Rant against Verizon”

  1. Holly March 26, 2009 at 11:14 am #

    I hate Verizon. I had them for my cell carrier for years, but after several incidences like this, I finally gave up and moved over to Sprint/Nextel. I’ve been really happy with their service.

    I remember getting into an argument with one of their customer service reps one b/c they’d billed me for someone else’s account. I explained 15 times that they had the wrong acct/phone number showing on my bill and the woman got downright nasty with me. I had to talk to two supervisors before they straightened the issue out. Ridiculous.

  2. scooper March 27, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    I feel like canceling I’m so pissy about it all. But I’ve now got a 2 year contract on 2 of the phones…

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