Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

26 Mar

kissofademonkingcoleFavorite lines: “We could see your most secret desires, could watch them together. You know I can make all your wildest dreams come true if you let me into your mind.” (p. 106)

Rydstrom Woede: A dethroned king searching for a weapon to kill a usurper incapable of death, is taken hostage by the usurper’s sister and chained to a bed.

Sabine: The sorceress of Illusions is capable of evil after multiple deaths and resurrections leave her with intimate knowledge of the dark. She needs a piece of the former king to make a safe home for herself and her sister.

The two will lie and bring both pleasure and pain to one another, before they discover that embracing their differences may be the only way to bring about the downfall of their common enemy.

Kresley Cole has been writing the Immortals After Dark series since 2006 when she first introduced them in A Hunger Like No Other. Usually we get a kick ass heroine that is basically good. Kiss of a Demon King is a little different. It gives us an evil heroine, Sabine.

She needs help, after being taught that bad is good. (She is a demon.) Sabine is someone that I didn’t really like, but she was interesting. As the story progressed I began to see that her ability to weave illusions included her ability to hide her emotions from me. She wove an illusion that made me believe she was a cold and evil women, cause who else will make people believe their worst fears are taking place?

That’s where Rydstrom comes in. He has learned to deny his personal needs over the years, especially because of his need to overthrow the demon who stole his thrown. He is savage when he has to be, but he’s a courtly demon. He cares. He is suppressed. But when Sabine shows up and provokes his inner monster, Rydstrom learns that he wants a little bit of darkness in his life.

This darkness is played with throughout the story because the book is full of sexual tension. It takes up a huge part of the book as the main characters’ major battle is held sexually against one another. They torment and tease each other throughout the first half of the book. And while it worked to build tension, it made me uncomfortable. Two people learning about each others’ sexuality when they really don’t know each other(or want to know each other) bothered me.

In the end, I enjoyed this tale of two gray characters walking a gray line. Sabine and Rydstrom pick up something from the other. They grow as characters, prove that opposites attract, and learn that life is definitely interesting with the other present.

2 Responses to “Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole”

  1. Carolyn Jean March 27, 2009 at 8:17 am #

    That gray line is something I just hugely enjoyed in this book! Great review. Nice fave line!! I totally remember that one.

  2. scooper March 27, 2009 at 9:55 pm #

    I was surprised that I got over her evilness so easy. Usually I have a hard time forgiving people’s flaws, but this time it was easy because of the circumstances. And I just have to say that she’s the kind of evil person I admire.

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