Second Skin by Caitlin Kittredge

30 Mar

secondskinFavorite lines: “His teeth struck at my neck, close to the spot where my scars rode, and I screamed, showing him in earnest.” (p. 268)

Werewolves from different packs in Nocturne City have been found murdered and an unexpected source asks former Detective Luna Wilder for help solving the paranormal cases. Things heat up when the victims are discovered to be pack leaders, and when Luna is targeted by the same killers, she knows it’s time to get serious is she wants to survive the smoke and shadows surrounding the investigation.

Luna’s hunt takes her into Lucas Kennuika’s territory, and he is a kind of shifter that she’s never met or heard of before. While she is attracted to him, she’s determined to make things work with her demon infected lover, Dmitri, a man who gave up his pack for her.

Everyday brings Luna a little closer to the dark, as she relies on her wildcard, Lucas, to help her defeat the serial killer before she becomes another victim.

Book three in Caitlin Kittredge‘s Nocturne City series, Second Skin, picks up shortly after Night Life ends. Luna has gotten used to her new role as a SWAT member of Nocturne City’s TAC 3 after transferring out of homicide. She is on site when a man commits suicide, but before he jumps off a building he looks her straight in the eyes and smiles, leaving Luna uneasy.

This is the beginning of plot that runs from the beginning of the book until the end. There are small clues here and there for the reader to put together like a puzzle (or homicide detective), everythng is connected. And then there’s the personal issues going on between Dmitri and Luna. I’ve never liked Dmitri because he had been an pimp and drug dealer, but Luna was sucked into a “stand by your man” mode making him a big part of the series.

This book proves to be a turning point of some kind. Good or bad, it marks a change in Dmitri and Luna’s relationship. I had a hard time with Luna’s decision towards Dmitri, because it seemed out of character. She acted one way throughout the story, but then at the end flipped. I agree it was the right thing to do, but it still came as a shock.

The new paranormal creatures introduced were awesome. Deadly, but awesome. The description of them, their habits and their inability to truly be (or want to be) human was great.

What I’m trying to say: Ms. Kittredge has kept Luna selfish and off-balanced just as she is in the previous books, but she’s also growing as a character with each book. She isn’t always a bitch. She isn’t always a detective. She isn’t always self-assured. She is just Luna. A werewolf trying to survived the jacked up life she was given.

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