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One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon

19 Apr


Favorite Lines: “A fattoo. Look.” She pulled the neck of her nightgown down to bare her shoulder. Show’d some kind of picture she had drawn there. “It’s a swan.” (ARC 73)

Edie Swann rides into town on her motorcycle with a small bag of black angels in search of answers and a little payback. Years ago her father was accused of embezzlement, and he shame caused him to commit suicide. Edie’s mother never believed the accusations and placed a huge black gargoyle at his grave with a promise that it would stay there until he was cleared of all suspicion.

As Edie works in the shadows to pass out the angels to people she suspects involved in her father’s death, a killer follows behind her. People begin to drop and she begins to wonder if she should have left the past alone.

Sheriff Holt Drennen is a single father living with his parents and his young impressionable daughter. A daughter in awe of the town’s new bartender, Edie. She’s not the only one fascinated with the tattooed woman who pulled great beer. But with the accidental deaths of prominent members of Redbud, Tenn., he is soon looking at the town’s newest resident with suspicion.

With secrets coming out of closets and small town gossip running rampant. A killer is hunting…and Edie is the prey.

One Deadly Sin is a romantic suspense that revolves around small town secrets, and finding love amidst rumors. It takes a beautiful town and shows the ugliness that hides beneath the surface. The way people consider a person guilty just because of an accusation. It kinda reminded me of the Salem Witch trials. (Burn the witch and all that…)

Edie wants answers, but when she discovers passion and love with the sheriff she begins to reconsider because the secrets may hurt Holt. She wants to protect him, but Holt it no wilting lilly. He is in charge of his town and willing to lose it all for its newest inhabitant.

The suspense and the romance in the story was great. The face of the killer, well it came from left field. (I’ve written this part over and over, but it seems to give spoilers. I’ll leave it up to you. Let me know if the ending seemed to be in line with the story at Scooper’s blog.)

Anyways, One Deadly Sin is slated to be released in May 2009. Check it out!