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Salt and Silver by Anna Katherine

28 Apr

saltandsilverkatherineFavorite Lines: “There is a Door to Hell in the basement of my diner, right next to where we stack the boxes of food from deliveries.” (ARC p. 1)

Sally’s Diner became home to Allie after her mother and her tennis instructor ran away with all of the family’s money. Forced to work in order to survive, Allie was happy to have kept two very dear friends, Amanda and Stan. (They don’t have to work like her.) After a night of heavy drinking Amanda suggests the trio work a spell, (which totally worked the wrong way because it was made up) and they wind up opening a Door to Hell. That’s really where it all begins.

A door that needs guarding, the sexy Stetson wearing man watching it and killing anything that comes out, Ryan, and a day when the door disappears. Soon it isn’t only his door that is gone. Big deal, right? Wrong. Good and bad must be balanced or the world will end with fire and water.

Anna Katherine is a pseudonym for two women and their debut book,Salt and Silver, came out today (April 28, 2009) . The book has a cool premise: there are doorways that lead to Hell and people who guard the doors to stop demons from leaving their dimensions and causing problems in the human world.

I was pretty excited about this book after I read the blurb, but about halfway through the story I got a little disappointed. I thought the book was going to start with Allie being abandoned and forced to work for a living. I thought she’d get herself in a stupid situation where she found herself casting a spell, but what I got was Allie telling me about that. It had already happened, so when the book starts Allie is trying to catch me up and place me where she wants me before telling me a story about Hell dimensions. This is a personal preference issue and had nothing to do with the actual writing which was detailed and vivid.

I guess my biggest problem with Salt and Silver is that I couldn’t connect with Allie’s character…at all. She was a former pampered, rich girl who was still friends with self-absorbed people. And I didn’t feel much more than a slight dislike for her.

There is a romance trying to happen in this story, too. You’ve got a demon hunter with emotional issues that have prevented him from hooking up with Allie for six years. This book focuses on them overcoming and trying to be together.

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