Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly

11 May

Favorite Line: “You’d think that lightening struck her p**sy, too.” (p. 100)

Emma Holly is known for her erotica so don’t be surprised by the many pages full of twinge worthy sex. It is also book one in a trilogy.

Edmund Fitz Clare enrolled his daughter, Sally, in school and entrusted her fellow student, Estelle Berenger, with her care. Over the years she became a member of the family, but always hid her feelings about her younger friend’s father. She had no way of knowing that he was attracted to her, too.

Edmund is an umpyr (shapeshifting vampire) trying to atone for past deeds. He has told his family that he is allergic to the sun, but whenever he’s around Estelle he becomes consumed with a need to mark her and keep her close.

Estelle was struck by lightening as a teen and gained a few special abilities abnormal to humans. She hides her strength, but after she is attacked and saved by Edmund, decides to live the life she has always wanted…with Edmund. After she tells him her little secret.

Kissing Midnight is hot! It’s set in 1933 England and revolves around an umpyr and his human family. Edmund is a professor who has adopted three orphans and loves them unconditionally. He is over 500 years old and uses glamour to hide his true image from the world. His glamour works well until one day when his oldest son, an MI5 operative, follows him and witnesses him transform into a wolf.

Graham’s peek at his father’s furry form was no accident. A woman is teaching him about vampires and their evil nature. She is planting seeds in his mind and waiting for an outcome that could flip the balance of power in England. Graham is conflicted. He loves his dad, but he will not allow monsters to threaten his country or his family.

Emma Holly is known for her erotic stories, so it should be no surprise that there is a ton of sex in Kissing Midnight. It is sheet scorching, mind numbing, I want to have it, sex. And everyone is doing it. Every where. In all kinds of ways. It plays a major role in showing conflict, acceptance, joy, love, and shame as they unfold in the story.

Some people might be offended by certain plots that are introduced. Estelle was 15 when she met Edmund and it is revealed that they both wanted each other back then. There is also a 17-year-old and young man who hook up in great detail. I didn’t have a problem with it, but I can see where some people might.

Thinking back on the book: Edmund is pretty normal. He’s an umpyr who worries about what his family and loved one thinks about him. He is not an alpha male.

Basically: Kissing Midnight is an erotic paranormal romance that doesn’t end with the last page in this book. It has a big, fat to be continued ending on it that will be addressed in book two, Breaking Midnight. The story follows many major lines. It doesn’t just report on Edmund and Estelle.

Kissing Midnight will be released in June 2009.

Food to go with your fiction: roast beef. Eat it while you read. Click on the picture to find the recipe.


4 Responses to “Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly”

  1. Maija P. May 19, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    Kissing Midnight sounds really nice. I’m going to order it!

  2. scooper May 19, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    Maija: Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to come back and talk about it after you’ve read it.

  3. Pauline July 6, 2009 at 1:56 pm #

    This book was great as her others. I read it in one night. I cannot wait till the second book comes out this month.


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