Possessed by the Highlander by Terri Brisbin

21 May

possessedbythehighlanderbrisbinFavorite Lines: “I want a man who will chose me above all else.” (p. 257)

The Peacemaker has arrived to make a treaty between the Robertson and MacLerie clans. As he waits for his contact within the Robertson village, he sees a man accost a woman and steps in chasing the man off. Little does he know, she is the infamous “Robertson Harlot.”

A secret forced Marian away from her family and named her whore. An outcast just returned to her childhood lands, she is determined to create a good life for her daughter. Then she meets Duncan MacLerie, the peacemaker. Something about his eyes calls to her and the tenderness he shows her daughter tempts her to think of what she will never have–a decent man of her own.

It isn’t long before Duncan finds himself thinking of Marian and her daughter, and finding reasons to spend time with them. But each visit brings Marian face to face with her loneliness and she tries to avoid him.

When Marian’s brother is informed of Duncan’s interest in his sister, he pushes the two into a promiscuous position forcing them to hand fast to ensure the truce. But how can a man whose life is built upon honor love a woman who has lived a lie for five years?

Possessed by the Highlander (Harlequin Historical Series) by Terri Brisbin is a historical romance novel set in Scotland-part of the MacLerie series-about a man and woman that discover love can heal wounds. In it we are introduced to the heroine, Marian, a woman who saved a child and in so doing is condemned as a whore.

Her family threw her out and she lives as an outcast. Her main priority is her child and that never changes throughout the story. Even as the relationship between Marian and Duncan heats up, they both remain aware of the importance of Ciara and plan their interludes and lives around her.

Duncan, the hero, is a simple man who does not lie. He is known for his patience (that seems to leave him after he meets Marian). I guess it goes to show the upheaval love can bring. Duncan knows that Marian is not a whore because she arrived in their hand fasting bed a virgin. He decides to look into clearing Marian’s name not knowing the upheaval her secret will bring. In the end he will have a decision to make about the person he has been and the life he could have with Marian.

Looking back I feel that a person central to the secret Marian is keeping is not dealt with properly. He faces no consequences despite Marian’s five years of hell. It doesn’t seem fair. I also think that whoever wrote the back cover blurb gave away too much of the secret. The story itself doesn’t mention her “rescuing a child” until the end of the story when the secret is revealed. As a matter of fact, the couple is put in a promiscuous situation at the end of chapter five which is dealt with in chapter six.oatmeal

Possessed By The Highlander (Harlequin Historical Series) is a traditional romance novel. It follows a couple meeting, facing the past together, and making a major decision about their future together. If you’re looking for a Scottish historical, romance novel it is the book for you.

Check out the author’s website to read an excerpt or to learn more about the MacLerie series.

Take a bite of American porridge (oatmeal) if you get hungry while reading the story.

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