Midnight’s Bride by Sophia Johnson

31 May

midnightsbridejohnson Favorite Line: “Blessed sweet Jesus. Look at his ballocks.” Mereck whispered so low Damrn leaned closer to hear. “Do ye no’ see how huge they be? Oh, me puir son,” he groaned. “the lad will ne’er be able to walk with sech a burden betwixt his legs.” (p.380)

The Heart Of A Warrior

Mereck of Blackthorn has vowed never to love-for he is cursed with baresark blood and it runs hot. But he must take a wife. When he meets Netta of Caer Caldwell, he is willing to spirit her away from her father’s violence, even if he refuses to give her his heart.

The Soul Of A Lover

With her father determined to be rid of her, spirited Netta cannot escape marriage to the heathen Mereck. But she soon learns that he is not the barbarian he believes himself to be-and his kisses fire her blood with a passion she longs to claim.

Sophie Johnson has written a historical romance set in 1073 England/Scotland about a headstrong heiress and an illegitimate warrior thrown together and destined to save each other.

Midnight’s Bride has the feisty and innocent heroine and the damaged world weary man for a hero. Together the couple is capable of great love. Separate they are consumed by inner demons and abusive relationships.

The inner demons that plague Mereck stem from old wives’ tales heard during childhood. The superstitions followed him throughout life and it isn’t until he decides to face them that he discovers exactly how strong he really is.

Netta’s issues come from being the daughter (or so she thinks) of an abusive man who wants to be rid of her. The pain she feels at being rejected/abandoned by her father is a slow constant burn inside of her.

Both Mereck and Netta have complicated relationships with their siblings. Netta because her stepsisters are treated better. They reminded me of the stepsisters in Cinderella by the way they looked down their noses at her. Mereck’s relationship with his brother is different though. He erected barriers between them thinking that he wasn’t good enough. His brother loves him and wants only the best for him.honey-scones

There were moments during Midnight’s Bride that I rolled my eyes at the over done displays of innocence by Netta and Elise; other times they had me smiling. I never became emotionally tied to the story or its characters, but I wanted something to take me away from the real world for a time and I found that in Midnight’s Bride.

Out of the different food served in Midnight’s Bride-rabbit stew, bannocks, dried beef, etc.-I picked scones to go along with the story. At one point Netta is in the kitchen eating hot scones with honey and my mouth watered at the thought. Click on the photo to find the recipe.

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