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Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson

3 Aug

generaltso“I hope you like General Tso’s Chicken!” (p. 81) Me too, because that’s what you’ll be eating while you read Linda Robertson‘s Vicious Circle, a story about a witch involved in werewolf business who is targeted by vampires.

Favorite Lines: “I got other things bigger than my ideas, little girl.” (p. 51)

Persephone Alcmedi is a witch and a writer who kennels werewolves on the side when the moon is full. Her

grandmother, also a witch, has moved in with her and is creating all kinds of havoc, the most recent of which is bringing a puppy to live in Seph’s home. And to top it all off, Seph receives a call telling her that her friend, Lorrie, is dead.

Determined to make sure Lorrie’s daughter is cared for, Seph agrees to meet with the woman named guardian. The

woman insists werewolves are in danger by an out of control killer and because everyone knows the government won’t lift a hand to assist werewolves, the fate of all werewolves is in Seph’s hands.

As Seph looks into the name of the killer, Goliath Kline, she begins sinking with the knowledge that a) Goliath is a vampire, and b) she’s in way over her head.

Linda Robertson has done a great job in creating characters that draw the reader in with their multi-dimensional personalities in her debut novel, Vicious Circle. As the story progresses the plot begins to thicken and twist, and I was quite pleased to know that all was not as it seemed starting with Seph.

The heroine, Seph, has parental issues (who doesn’t). She is open minded, caring and compassionate, but most importantly she’s smart. It’s not “in your face” smart, but she has her moments. She also does a ton of learning about herself, most of which comes from recognizing her own flaws.

The male characters in the book are extremely interesting and mysterious. Wait, did I mention they are smokin’? They are mysterious and we’re only allowed peeks at their past and nature. It’s intriguing and makes me want more. Thankfully, the second book, Hallowed Circle, come out in January 2010.