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Demon Inside by Stacia Kane

20 Aug

demoninsidekaneFavorite Lines: “Her father was dead, really dead and long before he’d died he’d sold her to a demon. Given her up, tried to get rid of her, traded her life for whatever success he’d had in some podunk town that nobody else gave a fuck about. His only daughter. the little girl he’d once read bedtime stories to.” (p. 271)

Hanging out with demons can be hell….

It’s been three months since psychologist Megan Chase made the stunning discovery that the world is filled with demons, and once more the situation is too hot to handle.

Ironically, Megan — the only person in the world without a little personal demon sitting on her shoulder — has become the leader of a demon “family,” but now some unknown arcane power is offing her demons in a particularly unpleasant fashion. And while her demon lover Greyson Dante is still driving her wild with desire, he’s also acting strangely evasive. Then there’s the truth about Megan’s past — the truth she’s never known. 

Caught between personal problems and personal demons, Megan is having one hell of a hard time. Will the help of her Cockney guard demons and her witch friend Tera be enough so that Megan can finally resolve the past, survive the present, and face the future?

In Personal Demon’s Megan became the leader of the Yezer Ha-Ra, the little demons that sit on every human’s shoulder (but hers). The demons are the little voices that encourage humans to do the wrong thing. It’s her job to protect them. To finalize the bond, Megan needs to participate in a ritual but she is loath to do so because it’ll turn her into a “demon-human hybrid.” So when her demons begin blowing up, Megan feels responsible.

Greyson Dante, Megan’s lover, has been able to keep a slow fire burning inside Megan, but he’s begun acting a little distant and avoids answering her questions. She doesn’t know what’s on his mind, but hopes he’ll open up to her.

Finally Megan has been called home to attend her father’s funeral which is the first step in learning about why she was chosen to host the Accuser. (Read Personal Demons to learn about the demon Accuser.)

Stacia Kane, oh Stacia Kane. You are a major tease. Every time I think, OK, this is it, you string me along, making me wait for another book.CinnamonRollAppleCrispLarge

On to the story. Demon Inside manages to infuse humor into a blood-soaked urban fantasy story that just happens to have a great romance line and a yummy male character. I love Greyson. He is hot and MANLY. Oh yeah, he’s dangerous, too.

But the most interesting thing about Demon Inside is the look at Megan’s relationship with her family. It is painful to watch and at times I wanted to smack the shit out of Megan’s mom and brother. Kane has done a great job by making me care about that relationship.

Anyway, there are a ton of story lines taking place in Demon Inside and very few lulls in action. It’s time for Megan to make peace with her new role in the world. A role that puts her in the leader’s throne and solidifies her position in the world.

Be like Greyson in Demon Inside by sticking your fork into a pie plate of apple crisp. Check out Rhodes website for the recipe for this plate of yummy cinnamon roll apple crisp.