Run to Me by Christy Reece

23 Aug

runtomereeceFavorite Lines: “Through each punishment, she had been taught a proper lesson, correcting her behavior for one infraction or the other. The lessons had been well learned and well deserved. Only after apologizing and begging for forgiveness was she once again favored with an injection. she worked hard never to disappoint her master again and not force him to punish her.

“Take your clothes off.” ” (p. 16)

Ethan Bishop has been brought back into the the Last Chance Rescue Organization to find his former lover, Shea Monroe, who has been recorded kidnapping people. He doesn’t believe that Shea would side with the man who killed her husband and his best-friend, but to prove it he must find her.

Shea was determined to get revenge on the man who killed her husband, but she wasn’t prepared for her cover to be busted. Injected with a specialized drug that rips away her memory, she becomes involved in a human trafficking organization until Ethan arrives and rescues her.

Taken by strangers who claim to know her, Shea begins to regain her memories of the past and fall in love with Ethan. But a psychopathic man wants her back, and will stop at nothing to get her.

I haven’t read anything by Christy Reece before but I can guarantee that I will in the future. Ms. Reece has given me an action packed, drama-filled romance novel, Run to Me. Run to Me is the final book in the Last Chance Rescue trilogy.

It’s a romantic suspense about a kick ass heroine who has been drugged until her mind and emotions have left her. Shea, the heroine, is a strong woman. She has to be strong to cope with everything that has happened to her over the course of her life. The humiliation and degradation she has suffered at times seem unbearable, yet she survives and eventually thrives.

Ethan, the hero, worked my nerves a little bit. He was tormented by his best-friend’s death and his need to repair Shea and let her go. He is the usual romance hero that assumes he knows what is best for the heroine and it usually involves making himself a martyr. That said, I did like him. When it came to Shea he was all about her. It was his inability to take something he wanted (happiness) for himself that irritated me the most.

Told in third person the Run to Me follows Shea, Ethan, the villain and other people as they work through the many twists and turns as the plot progresses. While it makes sense to switch from person to person in a complicated story, it has one major failing. The revelation made towards the end of the story was not a revelation because I had already figured it out.

Overall, Run to Me is a book worth reading and is one that I’d recommend to people searching for a quick, enjoyable read. Don’t take my word for it visit Book Binge, Coffee Time Romance and Romance Reviews Today.

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