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Help my friend!! Win

3 Mar

Comments are now closed. The winner will be posted in a different post. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and time.

This is an unusal post for me. My buddy Steph moved to Maryland last year. She really hasn’t met anyone and her family life consumes most of her time. Not unusual, right? Well her husband thinks that she should have friends and that it isn’t hard to do. He said, “you can make friends anywhere. Even at the gas station.”

We (Steph and I) disagree. We think that good friends are hard to find and can’t be found just anywhere. So how do you make new friends? Most of the people I talk to in person are people I’ve been friends with since I was a kid or teen. Offer suggestions from now until March 10. Steph will pick the best suggestion to win a surprise package from me, Scooper.