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What a Demon Wants by Kathy Love

4 Mar

When I get one of Ms. Love’s books I know exactly what I’m buying…

Favorite Lines: “The skin of her neck was layered in the scales that crept upward and onto her cheek like gills. Her eyes glowed so red they looked like stoplights affixed above too prominent cheekbones.” (p. 162)

She’s No Angel

A bodyguard? Why in the world would a demon need a bodyguard? Yes, it’s true Ellina Kostova is only half demon. . .and an author with a cult following, but that just means strange stuff happens. She isn’t in real danger. Heck, she’s in more danger from Jude Anthony, the guy her brother has hired to protect her. In big danger, actually. Because she just cannot be attracted to. . .well, anyone. She’s too much of a demon in bed. No, really.

Jude has grown accustomed to being an outcast, adrift in both the mortal and preternatural worlds. Being a paid fighting machine isn’t glamorous, but he does it—and many other things—spectacularly well. And man does Ellina Kostova need a lot of protection. But he needs protection, too. She’s making him remember what it feels like to be human. And he’s already learned no good can come of that. Especially when he’s been hired not only to protect her—but also kill her. . .

When I get one of Ms. Love‘s books I know exactly what I’m buying: a humorous story with sexy scenes and fully developed characters. What a Demon Wants was exactly what I thought it’d be …fun.

Ellina is half-human, half-demon. Not demon enough for part of her family and not human enough for the other half. A best-selling author, she hides what and who she is behind her work and is unprepared to deal with the danger that seems to be gathering around her.

Enter Jude the Bodyguard. Ellina’s big brother, Maksim, has hired Jude to protect Ellina, but corny as it seems…Jude is the one who needs his heart protected from Ellina. She is beautiful and he feels drawn to her. Something that hasn’t happened in a very long time. Even though she puts on a peaceful front, he knows that the way she is treated hurts her. He becomes a bodyguard that protects more than her body; he protects her emotions.

What a Demon Wants is a paranormal, romantic suspense, but from the very beginning I knew who the “bad guy” was. The ending was anti-climatic, but the romance was nice.