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Winner of surprise package….

10 Mar

Drum roll please . . . Janicu . . . you’ve been selected for a package containing a Dove chocolate rose, They Call me Death by Missy Jane and a Plant Genie. Yeah, it’s random but that is what friends do right? They randomly give friends off the wall shit….

 Now for a message from our sponsor, I mean Steph:

Janicu was realistic with her three-year time frame. I went to’s website and researched its mother’s group. The first three get togethers are free, so that means they charge for the meet ups. Most meet ups are on weekends for adults and joining a church group is out because I have to work Sundays. Awesome, right? So working weekends and no family here to babysit are what makes this situation unique.  

By the way, I put myself out there by giving another parent at my daughter’s school my number to set up a play date. She said she’d call me because she had errands to run; that was a week ago. Worse than that, my daughter won’t stop talking about it and asking me when she’s going to call.
My husband said maybe I’m cursed. I don’t think so. I’m just a forgettable person. Thanks for trying.
Steph, I don’t think you’re forgettable.
Maybe I should start having a “Did she make friends yet” post once a month.