Review: In the Blood by Adrian Phoenix

15 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Has my daughter’s humanity been compromised?” (p. 90)

FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace discovered a secret the government did not want her to. She found out that vampires exist and have been used in an experiment called Bad Seed. She also discovered that she cannot trust the government. If they find out what she truly knows they will eliminate her.

Dante Baptiste is a young rock star and a vampire. He is losing his mind while trying to remember the experiments done to him as a child. When his band Inferno stops in Seattle he can’t resist checking on Heather.

Gehenna is the land where the angels live and it is dying. The angels there have heard the wild and beautiful music of a being who can save their land and will stop at nothing to acquire him.

In the Blood is the second book in the Maker’s Song series written by Adrian Phoenix. It begins shortly after book one, A Rush of Wings, ends . (Don’t read In the Blood until you have read book one. You will get lost.) Heather’s manipulative sister and father are in this installment. Both have an agenda that has nothing to do with helping Heather or anyone else but themselves.

Phoenix follows different characters throughout her story and forces them to cross again and again until a cohesive book was formed. There is a battle taking place in heaven, drama in Heather’s life, people who want Dante, people who want to kill Heather and Dante, and people who want to use anybody around. In the Blood is a complex story that looks at book one and chases down its loose ends before returning to Heather and Dante’s story. The agent and the vampire are battling unknown forces, family and my little hang ups on age.

I did not pay as much attention to the age difference between Heather and Dante in this book. If it hadn’t been mentioned I never would have even considered Dante’s age, so I don’t really understand why the author made Dante so much younger than Heather. I’m guessing it has something to do with the mature woman taking care of a powerful but damaged younger man. It really doesn’t do anything for the story as far as I’m concerned.

I loved reading about the angels and the chaotic magic that Dante was capable of, yet I find myself back at a familiar road block. Dante uses hardcore street drugs to control seizures. It bothers me that Heather is OK with it. Book one worked with this issue, but I’m finding it impossible to believe an FBI agent would be alright with her lover using drugs.

The drug issue didn’t scare me off of the series though. Phoenix is a master at pulling her readers into the next book by ending at a point that closes one door, but wedges open another. Book three, Beneath the Skin, was released in December 2009.


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