Review: Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland

16 Apr

Favorite Lines: “I know he was just trying to get something from me, but y’know what? I wanted something from him too. I wanted to be touched and wanted to feel–for a few fucking minutes–that I was sexy and desirable. And to feel–for a few fucking minutes–a way I knew I’d never felt before and would probably never feel again!” (p. 259)

Demon summoner and cop Kara Gillian is investigating a series of murder-suicide cases with a paranormal twist. Someone or something is yanking the essence out of people then killing the empty shells. To make matters worse all of the victims are high profile people. She is determined to solve the cases, but her personal life keeps trying to get in the way.

After she summons a demon to help her gain access to her aunt’s library, Kara is stunned when the demon shows a strong hatred towards her friend FBI agent Ryan Kristoff. If that weren’t enough, Lord Rhyzkahl has decided he wants Kara to become his exclusive summoner. Demons do nothing without a reason, but with Kara in desperate need of his help she may find herself creating bonds she should avoid.

Blood of the Demon is the second book of Diana Rowland‘s Kara Gillian series. It takes place a few weeks after she was killed, saved by a demon lord and returned to her own plane of existence. She isn’t sleeping well and her work situation is uncomfortable. While some cops have accepted unnatural things happen, others have vilified Kara as an attention seeker. She is stressed, her aunt’s essence is missing and she has no idea how she feels about her FBI buddy Ryan or Lord Rhyzkahl.

Her indecision is shown throughout the story as she wonders what Ryan thinks about her and how he would react if he knew that she had been intimate with a demon. The tension jumps into high gear as the two men express negative thoughts and feelings about each other. Ryan insists to not know why the demons dislike them. His apparent ignorance makes me wonder what is really going on. Especially when you add his partner’s knowledge of the arcane.

Out of all the characters I found Kara to be the most appealing. She is lonely and wants friends, but her ability to summon has forced her to keep others at a distance. She is slowly opening up as people learn of her ability, however her years of being alone have definitely left marks.

Blood of the Demon is an evenly paced, urban fantasy book with a heavy mysterious flavor. It is set in the town of Beaulac, La., is full of magic and another world with demon-like creatures, and has several who-dun-it aspects. A possible love triangle adds to the drama, along with a woman who has potential to be great but lacks the experience to get her there.


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