Review: Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon

25 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Keri wanted me to touch your blood yesterday. Your blood is giving her strength. She’s bringing your eagle to life. Keri’s the one who loved eagles. She’s the one who insisted I finder her eagle.” (p. 88)

Once upon a time there were good earth witches who worked alongside the witch hunters destroying bad witches. One day they were both cursed. The hunters began to hunger for witch blood and the good witches went into hiding. A few of the hunters chose to over ride their blood lust and tried to protect the earth witches. Those hunters are the Wing Slayers.

Sutton is a Wing Slayer Hunter on the edge; he is drawn to Carla, a psychologist and earth witch, but worries it will push him beyond redemption. He has pledged to kill himself before he loses his soul by killing a witch.

Carla watched her twin sister Keri die at the hands of a rogue hunter. That is the night she met Sutton for the first time. Several years have passed and she is reintroduced to Sutton when her patient is attacked by rogues. She soon discovers her sister’s soul has been trapped in the knife that killed her and is slowly dying.

Twins have an attachment like no other. Is there a bond between Carla and Sutton? Or is it really a bond between the dead Keri and Sutton?

Book two in the Wing Slayer series, Soul Magic, will take readers on an emotional roller coaster as they wonder if a soul bond exists between Carla and Sutton or Carla’s dead sister and Sutton. It is a painful process that begins early in the story and ends at the very end of the book.

In Soul Magic, readers get to reconnect with Axel and Darcy from Blood Magic, watch new members be inducted into the Wing Slayer Hunters, see drama within the witch ranks, and discover how to fix Sutton and Carla’s family issues. There is a ton going on in this book, but it is clear, easy to follow, and sensual.

The romance is the gem in this paranormal love story. I love how Ms. Lyon went out of her way to end the story in a believable way. I can almost guarantee it won’t be what you are expecting.


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