Review: Demon Possessed by Stacia Kane

29 Apr

Dr. Megan Chase, head of the Yezer demons, is taking a week off from work in honor of her birthday. Actually she is attending a meeting with the other demon leaders at a hotel for a few days before running off with her fire demon lover, Greyson Dante, who is also head of his own house of demons.

Unfortunately the FBI is investigating the demons, one of her patients is about to have an exorcism, and Megan is being pressured to become a demon. If that weren’t enough she has also been targeted for death. But when a situation is brought to Megan’s attention she becomes consumed by a secret that threatens her relationship with Greyson.

Demon Possessed by Stacia Kane is book three in the Megan Chase series. Written in third person the story follows Megan and Greyson as they try to build a life together and the troubles that plague them along the way. The book is a paranormal romance.

I adore Greyson. He is a sexy alpha who is capable of showering his woman with love. Megan is pretty cool most of the time. Well…when she isn’t over reacting. I wanted to slap her silly and shake her a few times. She really needed someone to tell her to “pull her big girl panties up.” However Megan’s insecurities make her a relatable character. But let me tell you. I could kick her ass towards the end of the book for something she does. Nooo. I will not tell you. It would spoil things.

Just pick up the book. The scenes with Greyson’s guards are great. The brothers are entertaining, but it’s the way they show their love for Megan that I find endearing. For example in one scene they are described as “patting her, stroking her” as they offered Megan comfort. If you haven’t read the previous books, it’s time to do so. Cause Demon Possessed has a twist that will leave you gasping.


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