Review: Amazon Queen by Lori Devoti

30 Apr

Favorite Lines: “His arm slipped behind my waist and he held me tight against his naked form.” (p. 24)

Zery Kostovska is an Amazon queen who is slowly beginning to realize things are happening behind her back. The group’s new high priestess is questioning her authority and the cast aside Amazon sons have her jumpy. It’s time to discover if Zery is queen enough to bring change to her people or if she is old news that must be swept away.

I’ve been waiting for this book since I finished reading Amazon Ink. Amazon Queen is told in the first person from Zery’s point of view. It has a preface that does a good job explaining all the need to know information from book one. It tells about the Amazon people, their lifestyle and the appearance of the sons they gave away.

Amazon Queen can be read as a stand alone because it is told by a different person’s point of view than the first book which is told by the tattoo artist Mel.

One of the best parts of Amazon Queen is Ms. Devoti’s clever use of words. As I looked at the page holding my favorite lines I read about the “cocky slant of his brow” and there was the “staff” being held. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I loved how both of the examples worked with the visual image of a naked man grappling with a powerful woman.

Amazon Queen is an urban fantasy that forces its heroine to look inside and discover what makes a queen. The journey of the woman comfortable with her own authority to a woman searching for more worked for me. As we age we become different. Sometimes it’s subtle, but most often we don’t surround ourselves with people and situations that haven’t grown or changed for the better. Zery has become complacent and queens must do more than blindly follow directives.

I know a ton of books labeled urban fantasy have big romance threads, but Amazon Queen is not one of those books. However, Amazon Queen is a fast paced story that begins with an action filled rescue and just keeps on going. It has strong women in a variety of positions and well-developed characters you will want to know more about.


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