Review: Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams

12 Jun

I was given a review copy.

Favorite Lines: “They weren’t like people. Stones always told the truth.” (p. 146)

Tara was a criminal profiler who used Tarot divination to find serial killers until one almost killed her. She retreated from society only to be dragged back by the secret group known as Delphi’s Daughters. Members of Delphi’s Daughters are women with different divination abilities who work behind the scenes to protect humanity.

The group needs Tara to find a missing scientist whose studies pose a threat to mankind’s future. She is paired with a Department of Justice, Special Projects Unit Agent Harry Li, a man who follows numbers and facts; a man who would scoff at her use of Tarot cards.

It takes one visit to the last place the doctor was seen for Tara to figure out people are working against her. But she has no idea how powerful her enemies are and that just might kill her.

I wanted to read Dark Oracle as soon as I read the synopsis. I thought it had an interesting concept and while I’ve read a ton of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, I can’t name one which revolved around tarot reading. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taken away with Dark Oracle.

The story is told in third person and follows several characters around. When it follows an assassin things get interesting because of her divination powers. From the beginning I was bogged down with the descriptions of each tarot card as Tara pulled it from the stack. Then I was bombarded with scientific jargon surrounding the missing doctor’s experiment. Instead of helping the story, it slowed it down and made reading tedious. I felt like I was wading through information until about the half-way point when the story picked up.

Things got exciting, the pace sped up and the book began to flow. However, when the relationship aspect kicked in, I just couldn’t see it. They are polar opposites. It didn’t even feel like they were trying to get together, just were in dangerous situations pushing them into a need to feel close to someone. Anyone.

Dark Oracle is an urban fantasy which tries to add a touch of romance. It is has an interesting premise, but the story gets caught up in the details. As usual, you may love the book. I was a little disappointed.


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