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Review: Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan

30 Sep

Favorite Lines: “She stood over them in the now-pouring rain, blood oozing down her thighs, her hands fisted at her sides, and ground her emotions into them like putting out a cigarette in someone’s arm. She made them feel the fear and pain of every woman they raped and killed, imagining their last thoughts.”  (p. 22)

Able to manipulate people’s emotions, Miranda Grey has become somewhat of a recluse as her ability grew faster than her brain’s ability to process it. Her desire to keep a roof over her head forces out of her small apartment to Mel’s Bar twice a week where she performs in front of an audience.

After one of her late night performances, Miranda is brutally assaulted on her way home and her reaction to the assault leaves her attackers dead. Fortunately for her head vampire David Solomon arrives and cleans up her mess. He is determined to teach her everything she needs to know in order to manage her supernatural gifts because he knows she is one small step away from going mad.

Queen of Shadow by Dianne Sylvan is a book which combines the best of urban fantasy and romance. Sylvan clearly divides the book in two sections: “Pomegranate Seeds” (urban fantasy) and “The River Styx” (romance). With those divisions, it was easy to see the first half of the book would focus on Miranda reaching her lowest point, as well as her introduction to the shadow world, and that the second half would be where she was reborn. (Learn about pomegranate seeds or the River Styx by researching Greek and Roman mythology.) 

Vampires live in the shadows of the world, but David Solomon is the prime, or leader of those living in the urban setting of Austin, Texas. An internal battle taking place in the vampire community which means Miranda is not going to a “happy vampire haven.” There are vampires who feel they have the right to kill humans despite the fact that David banned it. This means that Miranda is exchanging one deadly world for another. 

Queen of Shadows is a book which follows a down trodden woman on a journey of rediscovery. A woman who learns to pull herself out of a filthy alley while creating a better life for herself. This journey would not have been possible without a man, but there are periods in this book where Sylvan pulls him away from Miranda to prove a point. Women do not need a man to save them; in the end every woman must want to save herself. She needs to be comfortable with herself or do everything in her power to become comfortable with herself regardless of her surroundings.

I thoroughly enjoyed book one in Sylvan’s Shadow World series. I don’t know when the next book in the series will be out, but it will be an instant buy for me.

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I ♥ Covers: Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill

28 Sep

I ♥ covers is back with Chloe Neill‘s Hard Bitten, book 4 of her Chicagoland Vampire series which will be released in May 2011.

It features the traditional urban fantasy heroine in skintight leather standing above her city. I would have liked the cover better had Merit (the heroine) been checking out the city instead of watching her back, but I guess if I were a vampire I’d always be wondering who was sneaking up to do me.

Pics of Surprise Packages

28 Sep

So here ya go. All the crazy surprise packages in honor of Scooper Speaks fourth anniversary. I hope to have many more giveaways this year, better content and tons of fun talking to y’all. Congrats again winners!

Stacy, aka Scooper

Winners! I’ve Got Winners

27 Sep

The giveaway has closed and I’ve used to select four winners of my Facebook and a Giveaway contest. Drumroll, please!

Shelley L. Johnson
Michael Irelan
Danielle Corbisier Waldo
Hoa Le

I’ve got one more surprise…I’m picking an extra winner to kick of my fifth year blogging.

Brandy Byrne

I’ll take photos of the surprise packages later today, so stop back to see what you’ve won. I’ll also instant message all the winners on FB. Congrats winners!

Review: The Sweet Scent of Blood by Suzanne McLeod

26 Sep

Favorite Line: ‘How’d it go with the horny bastard then?’ (p.68) Read a chapter at the author’s website.

Genevieve Taylor is the only sidhe living in London. She’s also a member of, a witch owned business which solves magical problems by neutralizing them. However, living under the protection of witches comes with a price: no contact with vampires. Not really a big deal when you don’t want to deal with the blood sucking undead, but a huge problem when Genny is roped into helping prove a vampire didn’t kill his girlfriend.

Suzanne McLeod has a wonderful imagination as most people who have read her series will verify. She brings new life to vampires, fae, sidhe, goblins and trolls; she makes magic. . .well, magical. I discovered this when I read her introductory book, The Sweet Scent of Blood, which proves not all urban fantasy novels are equal.

Not unlike other series (think Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire series), vampires are ruled by different houses all of which seem to have a secret agenda. Vampires are sneaky, so what they want and when they will let the rest of us know could happen at any point in time. McLeod does introduce the idea of vampire venom being similar to crack. Basically at the same time a vampire sucks blood, it is injecting an addictive venom into its victim’s blood. The venom, V1, increases red blood cell production and kills off disease. It also makes a person reliant on being bitten.

But what truly makes this urban fantasy stand out are the descriptive introductions of  paranormal creatures and the world in which all the creatures cohabitate. With descriptions like “muscle bound child”… with a “liver spotted face,” McLeod ensures her readers have  clear picture of the paranormal city of London.

Despite the great world building and quick pace, I had one issue with the story. I kept feeling like I was missing something. Kind of like a ghost hovering out of eyesight, the niggling feeling that I wasn’t getting an important part of the storyline about drove me crazy. In the end, I think McLeod did this on purpose to interest her readers in the next book where several story lines will need to be addressed.

If you are a rabid reader like I am, you might find the setting to be a convenient part of The Sweet Scent of Blood; I did. Simply because the books are originally released in the UK before being exported to North America. What does this mean? Well you can purchase The Sweet Scent of Blood at Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but you can’t get book 2, The Cold Scent of Death in North America until May 2011, and book 3, The Bitter Seed of Magic until May 2012. Which is why I bought book 2 from The Book Depository and will pick up book 3 in November 2010 from there as well. (Can you say free international shipping? You can buy a book for $2 and get it shipped to you for free.)

If you buy the UK version keep in mind word spellings will be different.

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I ♥ Covers: Whedonistas

23 Sep

Welcome to the first episode of I ♥ Covers. Today I bring you Whedonistas. Awesome comic book exterior which will house a collection of essays written  by a ton of strong female UF and fantasy writers like: Sharon Shinn, Jeanne Stein, Seanan McGuire, Elizabeth Bear, Cathryynne M. Valente, Maria Lima, Jackie Kessler, and Sarah Monette.

I love that there is a woman of color on the cover holding a stake and the “wanted” like poster of Joss Whedon. It is the best looking book of essays I have ever seen. I can’t wait to get my hands on this sucka. The Barnes & Noble website says it will be released in March 2011.

Review: Shadow Chase by Seressia Glass

21 Sep

Favorite Line: A psychic vampire and a …whatever Yesara was, which was probably something close to a “peace angel,” a being with the ability to filter out unpleasant thoughts and emotions, usually as a person slept. (p. 57)

Kira Solomon is a Shadowchaser, a being who protects the world from the dark. She is also the Hand of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Order. She is not a “regular” Shadowchaser though. When she touches an item she is able to see its history. But she can touch the Nubian warrior Khefar without seeing anything.

Khefar has lived for thousands of years attempting to make up for the many people he killed. With the help of a demigod he has lived only to serve the goddess Isis. One of the lives he needs to save to help balance the scale is Kira’s. Kira who makes him feel human emotions again.

Kira is still unsettled by the knowledge of the shadows living in her when her mother, the head of the Shadowchaser organization, asks her to investigate the case of a missing Shadowchaser in London. With Khefar by her side, Kira begins a hunt which will end with a dead colleague or one who will never patrol the streets again.

Shadow Chase is book two in the Kira Solomon series. Book one, Shadow Blade, introduced Kira and Khefar, the demigod Nansee, and Kira’s friends Wynne and Zoo. Everyone makes an appearance in this installment, but for the most part Shadow Chase focuses on Kira and Khefar in an attempt to begin the healing process on the damaged main characters and clean up the fallout from the first book.

Shadow Chase is a book which combines urban fantasy with Egyptian lore. Glass brings to life ancient gods and goddesses along with their ancient battles to be number one.

The theme of Shadow Chase is “there must be balance in life.” It is touched upon with the main characters seeking to do good deeds to make up for the past wrongs they committed. Toward the end of the book the theme becomes more than obvious as Glass begins to beat her readers over the head with it. When you read the book you will understand, but to avoid spoilers I’ll leave it alone.

Overall: I was a little bored with the story; I didn’t like visiting Egypt with the characters. Yeah, I still like Khefar, but Kira’s incessant attitude worked my last nerve. The ending is filled with foreshadowing an event to come in the series, so I’m interested in reading the next installment. I don’t see myself reading this book again.