Review: Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes

7 Sep

Favorite lines: “Defanging a vampire was the equivalent of forcibly castrating a human–a brutal practice that was reported all too frequently.” (p. 9)

Vampires are legal citizens with civil rights, but they weren’t always. Not everyone is happy with their legal status which is where Alexandra Sabian of the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigations steps in. Cases involving vampires in her area are automatically deferred to her.

When beheaded and crucified vampires begin appearing, it is up to Alexandra to keep the peace in the small town, bigoted town of Jefferson, Mississippi. She must race to find the killer before human-vampire relations have a total break down while fending off the advances of her former fiance/partner, Varik Baudelaire,

Jeannie Holmes introduces herself to the urban fantasy scene with her well written, police procedural novel “Blood Law.” In it we meet Alexandra, a female vampire attempting to solve vampire murders while coping with buried emotions about her former fiance and her murdered father. She is a woman who has learned to ignore bigots, but she hasn’t learned to ignore Varik.

When she is forced to work with her former lover, the couple get a chance to work on themselves. It quickly becomes apparent that the two characters are meant to be together, but Alex is stubborn. She doesn’t want to see what is right in front of her eyes in Varik and in the case she is investigating.

Overall, I enjoyed “Blood Law,” but occasionally the pacing slowed to a crawl and my mind retreated. Even though it won’t be going on my keeper shelf and I won’t race out to buy the next book in the series, I’ll be sure to pick it up if it lands at my local library.

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