Review: No Werewolves Allowed by Cheyenne McCray

9 Sep

Favorite Lines: “Olivia crossed her arms over her chest. “Nyx doesn’t do furry critters.” (p. 11)

Nyx is half-human, half-Drow, a Night Tracker who polices the supernatural community, daughter of the Drow king and all private investigator. When she agrees to investigate a case about missing and murdered werewolves she leaves the hustle of New York for the quite of the Catskill Mountains. With her best friend Olivia at her side and the help of a few Night Trackers she will come face to face with humans dedicated to ridding the world of paranormals.

No Werewolves Allowed,” is book two in Cheyenne McCray‘s Night Tracker series. I didn’t read book one, “Demons not Included,” which introduced Nyx because I didn’t realize the series followed her. I thought each book would be about a different Night Tracker. You know what they say about assuming. Yeah, what a dumb ass I was.

It became obvious that I was missing entire story lines early in the story. For example, there is a scene in which Nyx looks at the head of the Night Trackers, Rodan, and thinks he is ymmy while remembering the time they spent together. That time is never expanded upon. Then when Detective Adam Boyd shows up wanting to resume a relationship with her I wondered “WTF.” What relationship? When did they even meet? Why does she care? Why should I care? In the end I didn’t.

While I was able to read “No Werewolves Allowed” as a stand alone, I wouldn’t recommend it. I finished the story and realized the book had to be picking up where book one ended: right in the middle of Nyx and Adam’s relationship. I say this because at the couple’s first meeting they have sex and talk about loving each other. I had no time to meet Adam or see if he was worthy of Nyx. Not that it really mattered; I hardly saw him.

Because Adam’s  role in the book is tiny and the story is not about the growth of a relationship, “No Werewolves Allowed” is not a romance book. It is clearly an urban fantasy novel because it is about a supernatural community based in an urban city. It was a fast paced, entertaining read full of awesome girl power. Girls totally rocked this book.

Book three in the series, “Vampires not Invited,” will be released Nov. 30, 2010, according to Barnes and Noble’s website.

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