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Review: Shadow Chase by Seressia Glass

21 Sep

Favorite Line: A psychic vampire and a …whatever Yesara was, which was probably something close to a “peace angel,” a being with the ability to filter out unpleasant thoughts and emotions, usually as a person slept. (p. 57)

Kira Solomon is a Shadowchaser, a being who protects the world from the dark. She is also the Hand of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Order. She is not a “regular” Shadowchaser though. When she touches an item she is able to see its history. But she can touch the Nubian warrior Khefar without seeing anything.

Khefar has lived for thousands of years attempting to make up for the many people he killed. With the help of a demigod he has lived only to serve the goddess Isis. One of the lives he needs to save to help balance the scale is Kira’s. Kira who makes him feel human emotions again.

Kira is still unsettled by the knowledge of the shadows living in her when her mother, the head of the Shadowchaser organization, asks her to investigate the case of a missing Shadowchaser in London. With Khefar by her side, Kira begins a hunt which will end with a dead colleague or one who will never patrol the streets again.

Shadow Chase is book two in the Kira Solomon series. Book one, Shadow Blade, introduced Kira and Khefar, the demigod Nansee, and Kira’s friends Wynne and Zoo. Everyone makes an appearance in this installment, but for the most part Shadow Chase focuses on Kira and Khefar in an attempt to begin the healing process on the damaged main characters and clean up the fallout from the first book.

Shadow Chase is a book which combines urban fantasy with Egyptian lore. Glass brings to life ancient gods and goddesses along with their ancient battles to be number one.

The theme of Shadow Chase is “there must be balance in life.” It is touched upon with the main characters seeking to do good deeds to make up for the past wrongs they committed. Toward the end of the book the theme becomes more than obvious as Glass begins to beat her readers over the head with it. When you read the book you will understand, but to avoid spoilers I’ll leave it alone.

Overall: I was a little bored with the story; I didn’t like visiting Egypt with the characters. Yeah, I still like Khefar, but Kira’s incessant attitude worked my last nerve. The ending is filled with foreshadowing an event to come in the series, so I’m interested in reading the next installment. I don’t see myself reading this book again.