Review: Blood Song by Cat Adams

4 Oct

Blood Song by Cat Adams
Trade: $14.99
Tor Books (June 2010)
ISBN: 978-0765324948

Favorite Line: “It seemed a little strange that while I wasn’t a zombie or ghoul, I’d been strapped onto the slab and put into restraints.” (p. 43)

Celia Graves was hired to guard a visiting prince while he tours the seamy side of Los Angeles. It seems like a simple job, babysit the royal dignitary at the crappiest strip joints in town and earn a crap load of money. She should have turned down the money; because while guarding the prince she is attacked, her team is killed and she is turned into an abomination. Not dead, but no longer human.

She stands accused of murder, but to clear her name she must enlist the aid of her former lover, a priest, werewolf, clairvoyant and a cop. And she only has three days to solve the mystery.

Cat Adams is the writing team of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. The writers are best known for their Sazi and Thrall series.

Blood Song is book one in the Blood Singer series. It introduces Celia Graves, a bodyguard caught in limbo after she is attacked by a master vampire who fails to either kill or turn her into a vampire; she is left an abomination with no real place in society.

“ ‘Abomination’ is the term used by the vampires for that small group of persons who should have died, or been turned, but instead survived with only partial physiological changes. They live, they have a soul and possess their own memories, but have been altered significantly.”

This core change in Celia unfolds as the story progresses. I thought I’d like Celia, but I couldn’t work myself up to caring about her one way or another. She never touched any button inside of me to make me want her to succeed of fail. I just wanted to know what would happen overall.

I did want to know more about the people Celia surrounded herself especially after their reactions to her change. I’m a little hazy about it all though; I knew that I liked them, but I didn’t get to know them as well as I would have liked. I’m guessing that will be fixed in book two.

The Adams have created a simple paranormal world in Blood Song which is easy to navigate. Unfortunately, it was also pretty forgettable. I enjoyed it while I was reading, but had no problem putting the story down to do other things, which is not normal for me when I’m reading a book I plan to keep. (But I might keep it for the gorgeous cover alone.)

However, before I make the final decision on whether to keep the book or chuck it, I have to read book two, Siren Song. Blood Song ended on a note which piqued my curiosity.

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