I ♥ Covers: Frostfire by Lynn Viehl

5 Oct

I like that this cover is light and not the dark covers I usually associate with Lynn Viehl’s books. The cover looks a little bit blurry though. Otherwise it seems like a pretty typical UF cover. Except she’s not wearing leather. It looks like jeans and a cut off top. In the snow. She better have the ability to not feel the cold. I can’t help but to think how uncomfortable it would be to stand outdoors like her. (Her nips are probably ready to fall off. lol)

I’m not how I feel about the blurb posted at Amazon; it seems pretty vague.

As one of the genetically enhanced Kyndred, Lilah’s mind-reading powers make her vulnerable to a mysterious biotech company willing to murder to acquire her superhuman DNA. But her true fear may come from her own Kyndred brethren…


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