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Look! It’s Kalayna Price

10 Oct

Kalayna Price's bio page

I’ve recently become infatuated with Kalayna Price’s Haven series. So it seems appropriate that I steal quote a few things from her bio page and post a photo of her before reviewing Once Bitten and Twice Dead this week.

“Kalayna is the author of two Dark/Urban Fantasy series. The Haven Novels, consisting of ONCE BITTEN (January 2009), TWICE DEAD (February 2010), and THIRD BLOOD (2011), follow the story of Kita Nekai, a kitten shapeshifter on the run from her clan and responsibilities, who is turned into a vampire and entangled in the supernatural underworld. Kalayna also has a new series, which will be released by ROC and will be hitting shelves in October 2010. GRAVE WITCH, the first Alex Craft Novel, is about series title character, Alex Craft. Alex is a broke magic-eye for hire, but a case with a sexy reaper, a dark cop, and a ghost-silencing killer has more than her rent on the line—it may cost her soul.” — Kalayna Price