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Review: Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

11 Oct

Once Bitten by Kalayna Price
Trade: $14.95
Bell Bridge Books (2008)
ISBN: 9780980245394

Favorite Lines: “I can’t go back to Firth! I was a constant embarrassment to my father before. What will he do if he finds out I can’t shift?” (p. 42)

Despite being named her father’s future successor in the alternate land of Firth, Kita Nekai ran away; she knows that as the head of the shifter clan she would face constant challenges because she doesn’t change into a lion, wolf or bear. Nope, she transforms into a calico kitten. A kitten which is drugged and attacked then saved by being turned into a freak: a vampire-shapeshifter.

Before she can come to terms with her newest station in life, she is set upon by a supernatural judge who sentences her to death making a psycho, shapeshifting killer. With a few allies in her corner, she is able to get a 72 hour stay, during which she must bring the killer to justice.

Once Bitten is book one in Kalayna Price’s Haven series about a kitten cat shifter transformed into a vampire. Kitten? Yes, I said kitten. You’re probably wondering, “What the f**k?” Don’t worry; the kitten aspect works because Price has taken time to weave several plot threads together and they all pass through Kita. And the book has engaging characters like Nathaniel, Kita’s sire; dedicated characters like Bobby, Kita’s former boyfriend; and annoying characters like Gil, a scholar-trainee who is studying Kita.

Once Bitten is more than an adventure packed tale; it is a diary of the emotional journey Kita is on as she attempts to absorb all the changes surrounding her. Especially when she considers her running away from Firth set everything into motion.

Once Bitten is dark, but it has light moments like:

“A blob of pastel pink moving out of the subway caught my attention. Who but Gil would wear an Easter egg pink coat?”

Overall, it is the type of book that leaves you wanting to know more about Kita, her new station in life, her ability to accept that station and the possibility of a loving relationship. If you are one of the people about to read book of  the Haven, you’re in luck. Book two in the Haven series, Twice Dead is available for purchase now and in an interview at SciFi Guy’s blog Price said book three will be released in a few months.

* Price recently introduced a new series about a witch called the Alex Craft series.

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