Review: Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

13 Oct

Twice Dead by Kalayna Price
Trade: $14.95
Bell Bridge Books; February 2010
ISBN: 978-0984325672

Favorite Lines: “I pulled the thin sheet of paper, my eyes misting at the sharp sting as the tape securing the paper to my forehead ripped free. I sat up, silky crimson sheets falling around me.” (p. 66)

Kita Nekai and her sire, Nathaniel, have been summoned to attend a Halloween party in honor of a visiting vampire. During the party, Kita discovers a decapitated member of the visiting vamps court and garnering the attention of the visiting vampire known as The Collector. She is quickly drawn into the complicated world of vampire politics; to survive she must adapt to her new life while avoiding The Collector, who would love nothing more than adding a vampire-shifter to her collection of oddities.

Twice Dead is the second book in Kalanyna Price’s urban fantasy Haven series. It pulls the reader directly into the deadly world of vampires and magic. In this book the vampire pecking order is shown and the necessity of drinking blood explored.

It is clear that Kita is always hungry, but she refuses to feed off of humans, sticking to small game. She doesn’t understand that her determination to live off of rabbit blood is not the same as being able to physically live off of the blood. Her physical condition reflects badly on Nathaniel, but neither of them consider the downward spiral she is on or the possibility of ramifications.

Tatius, the vampire king of Haven, refuses to allow the neglect to continue and takes her away from Nathaniel. A good master takes care of his companion. Some of the vampire king’s anger is shown when he notices the severity of Kita’s starvation; he tries to explain it to her before taking away her free will on the choice of survival.

“You could gorge yourself on all the humans you could possibly swallow and it wouldn’t do you any good because you couldn’t convert the blood to energy. You need a base of master vampire blood in your body to do that, and a baby body like yours doesn’t produce it. You have to be fed by a master to survive.”

With these words and his chastising words to Nathaniel (“you had your chance”), I wanted him. He became my lust after character of the series. (Good luck changing that, Ms. Price.) Sure it’s unfair to Nathaniel; he was just following Kita’s wishes. But I like alpha men for a reason. They will address issues. During life or death situations they act…well, unlike Nathaniel. He was all “she’s not ready.” Well not being ready almost killed the girl.

Unfortunately, I must be in the minority because it isn’t long before the story line veers off in an entirely different, magic filled direction. Conniving vamps, deadly mages and horrible misunderstandings help create an enjoyable story, but the true pleasure of  Twice Dead is the character interaction.

Story lines from the first book are closed, but the book ends with a few eyebrow raisers. All in all, I had fun reading Twice Dead and am looking forward to the next book in the Haven series.

Book one: Once Bitten
Book two: Twice Dead
Book three: Third Blood

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