Review: Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane

29 Oct

Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane
Mass Market: $7.99
Del Rey (June 2010)
ISBN: 978-0-345-51558-2

Favorite Lines: “All she had to do was wait it out, just hang out for a little longer, and she could go home and get her pills. Just a little longer.” (p. 173)

The Church of Real Truth is responsible for ridding the earth of ghosts. The church has agreed to pay out money to any who are being haunted which in turn has caused people to file false claims. Witches who work for the church are responsible for debunking false claims and getting rid of real ghosts.

Chess Putnam is a church witch who found it necessary to assist her not-so-friendly local drug lord, Bump in the past. So when Bump’s enforcer Terrible, approaches her and asks her to take a ride with him, she does. Chess has no idea the ride will be the beginning of a new journey which  will embroil her in a turf war and leave a trail of dead hookers.

Unholy Magic is Stacia Kane’s second book in the Downside Ghosts series. It builds upon the world and characters introduced in book one, Unholy Ghosts.

Chess Putnam is still a drug addicted witch, but in this installment her loyalties will be tested. Bump’s gang and its rival, Slobag’s gang, are getting ready to war with each other and the time is coming for her to choose between her friendship with Terrible or her sexual relationship with Lex. She cannot have both.

As usual, Kane does a wonderful job describing the different settings and characters. I became even more attached to Terrible and at one moment wanted to roll into a ball and cry for Chess. Her need for drugs has placed her in the most f-ed up situations.

HINT: If you love Terrible, this book will break your heart. So before you read it go buy book three, City of Ghosts.

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