Review: Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

1 Nov

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey
ebook; $4.99
Carina Press (November 2010)
ISBN: 9781426890727

Favorite Lines: “And to keep things interesting, somebody told Bobby, Kevin’s youngest nephew, the baby could hear stuff and he was determined to make his new cousin his BFF in utero. It was a bit disconcerting having a kid randomly tell bad jokes to her stomach.” (p. 84)

An unfortunate first encounter with Kevin Kowalski cost Beth Hansen her job. Her second encounter left her pregnant.

Beth wasn’t looking to put down roots or have a relationship with Kevin, but a baby changes everything. Or so Kevin thinks. Once Kevin got over the shock of impending fatherhood, he began looking forward to learning more about Beth. Beth, however, is just as determined to be Kevin’s friend and his child’s mother. Not his girlfriend, lover or wife.

Undeniably Yours is Shannon Stacey’s foray back into the Kowalski family’s world which was introduced in Exclusively Yours. It is a stand alone.

Undeniably Yours is about the learning process couples go through as they attempt to build (or not build) a life together. What makes it so good is the way the male and female roles have been swapped in the story. Usually you have the woman dying to have a family with someone, but in this story the woman just wants to be friends while the man wants more.

Beth’s resistance to an instant family and the change such a relationship would force her to undergo were realistic. Sure she’s pregnant, but it isn’t the 1950’s and she won’t be stigmatized if she fails to marry. There was no reason for her to instantly marry, so she didn’t. However, I didn’t really get where her relationship phobia came from. I know her mother was overprotective, but wow. Beth took her need for independence to another level. A level which forced Kevin to really think before he acted or spoke.

Kevin’s yearning for Beth and their unborn child was fantasy worthy. Kevin is no pushover, nor is he the traditional alpha who forces his “girl” to do as he says. He sits back and allows Beth to make a decision about him, even if it isn’t one he likes. Stacey does an excellent job showing Kevin’s vulnerable side as he waits to see if Beth would allow him to be a part of her life. More than once I wanted to smack Beth upside her head so she’d think before reacting negatively to Kevin because of the effect it had on him.

My favorite parts of Undeniably Yours are when the Kowalski family gathered. They are a flawed, but ideal, fun-loving family. Then there’s the youngest Kowalski family member, Bobby. Every time he made an appearance I laughed out loud. Even now as I type this review the thoughts of him bring a smile to my face. J

If you’re looking for a light contemporary romance, pick up Undeniably Yours today.

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