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Comforting Romance

14 Dec

It’s no secret that I have always love Julie Garwood’s Scottish romance novels. I love the strong alpha who isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to protect his heroine. I love the innocent brides who can be defiant without saying an unkind word. I just love them. I never try to analyze them…they are pure entertainment for me. Or they were before two days ago.

What happened? Well, I went on a Garwood binge. I even hit the used bookstore to replace two books I couldn’t find. I read: “The Secret,” “Saving Grace,” “The Bride,” “Honor’s Splendour” and “Ransom.” Yeah, I know the storylines by heart, but I never realized how similar they are. (Honor’s Splendour isn’t Scottish, but it reminds me of them.)

The brides are all fragile and delicate with iron backbones. In some ways almost all of them are damaged by their families. There’s the abusive uncle, mother, stepfather, stepbrother, husband and usurper who take out their problems on the brides. Some don’t even realize they’ve been abused; their husbands figure it out and express rage on their behalf. At some point most of them are attacked and have a leg or arm slashed open. They bravely deal with the pain as their wounds are treated.

You know what? I’m good with that. I started to get irritated when I realized they all sounded the same. When the men and woman talked it was like their names and locations had been slightly changed, but the spirit filling the shells remained the same.

Am I over analyzing? You bet. I won’t be giving up my Garwood books anytime soon, if ever. But I sure shocked myself when I started sighing while reading the books. Maybe it’s just cause I’m older and review books more often. Regardless, I still find her books to be comforting.