Review: Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs

21 Dec

Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs
Mass Market: $7.99
HarperCollins/Avon (December 28, 2010)
ISBN: 9780062018953

Favorite Lines: “He grabbed her arm and pulled her close even as she used the hand that wasn’t fumbling for her sword to try to push him away. So close that she was pressed against his chest and stomach. Heat spread from every contact point. She was surprised steam didn’t start rising from their damp clothes.” (p. 17)

Renegade vampires are indiscriminately killing humans and it is up to Utah and Lia to stop them. But behind the renegades loom the diabolical team of immortals determined to kill the “dominate species” on Earth. Lia and Utah are not working together by choice though. Both have been commanded to work together by their leaders. The two have the assistance of the unseelie fae prince, Kione.

Eternal Prey is book three in Nina Bangs’ Gods of the Night series. I did not read the first two books and at times found myself struggling to keep up in a world I didn’t recognize.

The first chapter jumps right into action. There is no slow lull as you figure out what is going on. Bangs lets you know about the immortals and the shifters immediately. Which is a giant plus in my mind. Readers like me who are just being introduced to Bangs paranormal world need the quicky intro.

There are battles, but the major emotional conflict is between the hero and heroine. Utah cannot accept the fact that Lia is a human who wants to be a vampire. Utah hates vampires because one killed his brother and the idea of his mate becoming a vampire is abhorrent to him. However, the two are only part of a larger story which pits a pack of shapeshifters known as the Eleven against the Ten who are out to kill humanity. In this book, they are facing the villain known as Seven.

This is definitely a romance novel, so don’t believe the book reviewers who are calling it urban fantasy. There is a happily ever after for the seemingly star-crossed lovers. As the story unfolds, we learn about the origins of the Eleven, their leader and their past. We also learn about Kione, a character which was introduced in one or both of the other books. His story made me want to cry. I would love to read about him finding a happy ending.

I enjoyed reading Eternal Prey, but I wish I had read the previous books to avoid confusion. While I liked the characters, I was drawn to Kione and the small bits that surrounded him. I would read the book again just to get a better understanding of Kione.

Read an excerpt from Eternal Prey by clicking here.

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