Review: Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan

6 Jan

Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan
Mass market: $7.99
Penguin/Jove (January 2011)
ISBN: 978-0-515-14921-0

Favorite Lines: “His hands settled over her midsection and shockingly, she was round, like a basketball. His heart, after one heavy thump, settled into a satisfied rhythm.” (p. 12)

Kane Cannon has been searching for a woman he impregnated for months. He helped her escape the captivity of a madman, but she is still on the run. If she stops for too long she will be taken back to the man who has been experimenting on her since she was a child and her baby will suffer the same fate. Kane is determined to find her and lucks out when his GhostWalker team is called to Mexico to save a few hostages and he finds the woman he has been searching for.

Rose knows the terror of growing up without any control. She was trained to be a soldier, but was later placed in a breeding program. Her child will never suffer as she did if she has anything to say about it. That’s where Kane comes in. Rose is due to give birth in a few weeks and can’t afford to slow down. The only chance she has is to get Kane to protect her while she’s down.

Ruthless Game is book nine in the GhostWalker series. This series is my favorite written by Christine Feehan and this book reinforces all the reasons I enjoy reading the series. It is a classic Feehan GhostWalker novel. It has an extremely alpha hero, a deadly, yet fragile heroine and action out the ass.

This book reintroduces the couple Kane and Rose who were secondary characters in Deadly Game. Their story (Ruthless Game) picks up several months after Rose and Kane were forced to be intimate. Rose is now heavily pregnant.

I enjoyed reading about the couple getting to know each other again after being separated for months. I think I fell in love with them as they put their regrets on the table and cemented their feelings for one another. I loved how Rose slowly learned the meaning of family with the help of Kane’s family and to place her trust in another person.

I’ve re-read Ruthless Game twice since I bought it. Yes, I loved it that much. The danger, the characters and romance are right up my alley. If you don’t like super alpha men Christine Feehan is not the author for you.

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