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Review: Night Betrayed by Joss Ware

25 Jan

Night Betrayed by Joss Ware
Mass Market: $7.99
HarperCollins (January 2011)
ISBN: 978-0-06-201863-2

The world they knew is ashes.

The world that remains is in peril.

And five extraordinary survivors are humankind’s last, best hope.

The Change that devastated the earth did not destroy Theo Waxnicki. It made him something more than human—eternally young, eternally beautiful . . . but not immortal. When he dies on a mission against the Strangers, he is lost to the darkness . . . until a miracle lady brings him back.

Born during the apocalyptic storms and earthquakes that left the world in ruins, Selena has dedicated her life to easing the pain of others. But Theo is the first in her care to survive. Responding to Selena’s tender touch, Theo starts to live again, to feel and desire again. But joined in a world of terrors, the secrets they can never share make them targets. And love could be the ultimate betrayal.

Favorite Line: “Staring at the long shadows, and at the same time watching for the hulking movements of the zombies, Selena’s shoulders tightened. She felt as if her muscles would snap at the slightest movement.

She knew she couldn’t save them all. Of course she couldn’t save them all. Just as she couldn’t ease every dying person into the next plane.” (p. 28 )

Joss Ware has created an apocalyptic world in which a group of “gag me I’m so rich” people called Strangers have absolute control. There are gangas (zombies) and rebels fighting against the Strangers, but there are also tons of questions that have been building up through the series. Night Betrayed is book four and at least two other books will be in the series.

It is not a fluffy book. It addresses hard topics and is filled with dark threads. I’m not sure if an easy way out is taken, but one possible hindrance to the couple’s happily ever after was removed toward the end of the story. It’s not an easy removal. It’s a pain wracking, rip the Band Aid off kind of moment.

The characters are fully flushed out. With Selena we get a grown woman with responsibilities and a scary, yet awe-inspiring ability. It sets her apart which makes her perfect for Theo who doesn’t age.

There are horrific moments in this story and the side note which involves a character named Remy. I cringed as I read her story and chills ran up my arms. I NEED her story ASAP! Holy Shit that woman has been through hell. If you haven’t checked out this series it’s time to do so. I read books 1, 3 and now 4 and have a clear understanding of the world. Even though it’s part of a series, I think it would be simple to pick up the series with this book. You will miss the reintroduction of lead characters from the first few books, but this book is a definite must read.