Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an e-book Reader

6 Feb

Okay, I’m just gonna go over the top. It seems like EVERYONE is purchasing or receiving an e-book reader lately. Sure they’re great. They make it possible to have instant gratification when you’re feening for a book and sure it’s convenient. But when I hear people say e-book readers change the way people read today I get scared. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy an e-book reader.

  1. When the apocalypse comes and the electric grids fail, you will have no way to charge your reader. Then what will you do with all your time.
  2. If you spill liquids on it you are threatening your library. Not just one book but all of them because most stores only allow you to re-download books a few times.
  3. When you lose your reader you will be shit out of luck. This means you will have nothing to read.
  4. What will you decorate your bookshelves with? They’re called BOOKshelves for a reason.
  5. You need to buy groceries more than you need another electronic gadget in the house.
  6. They cost the same amount as the paper books on your BOOKshelf.
  7. When you consider the materials needed to make your reader, you really aren’t doing much to save the environment.

So why shouldn’t you get an e-book reader?


8 Responses to “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an e-book Reader”

  1. janicu February 6, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    Hahah, they’re not the devil. Quite a few people buy ebooks and paper books still. If I buy an ebook and end up LURVING it I will go out and buy the paperback too. And usually when I download an ebook (I have a nook), I download it to my computer and then copy it to my nook, so it’s like I have a backup somewhere. If I lose my nook all my ebooks aren’t lost. I also backup my computer regularly. If those precautions fail I can re-download my book from the bookstore.

    Yes there are people who just buy ebooks now and not paper books. Really, to each his/her own. I just hope that there will always be the option to buy the book in paper. Some publishers have e-only books but so far that hasn’t made me feel like I’m losing something because I can’t get a paper copy. I know that if certain authors who I love began to have ONLY books in e, I may become sad that I can’t have a physical copy. I suppose I’ll deal though.

  2. Allie February 6, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    I’m with you scooper! I work in a bookstore and I have customers who come just to boast about buying an e-reader and ask us what is going to happen to my store. Cruel people. The more people get into the tech age the more jobs will be lost. I still say you can’t put an e-book in the tub with you because they are not water proof and you have $150 down the drain if you lose it or damage it.

  3. Julie February 6, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Very cute post! (BOOKshelf LOL!)

  4. J9 February 6, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Hi Scooper!!!
    First, I want to say that I love the new look of you Blog. Alot more sharp and just looking good.

    Now to weight in on the ebook debate. I love my ereader, and really comes in handy especially if you are flying alot, like I am doing right now. I have recently found out that it is alot easier to read my Nook at the gym while i am working out (no I am not worried about it being stolen). Does this mean that stop reading paperbacks? Nope. I dont think anythign replaces the feel (and smell) of an actual book in my hands. But the convience an ereader offers over a regular paperback or multiple paperbacks taken on vacation, I think that is where has its place in the book reading world. And really anything that makes people want to read is a good thing in my books.


  5. scooper February 6, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Janicu: I’m like you. Hopefully I’ll have my tax return next week so I can by a Nook color. My youngest wants one too, while my oldest wants a Kindle. For the kids I think it’ll be great because my kids are very hard on paper books. They crinkle and lose them all the time. For me, I want to do both.
    I need to see my favorite books on my BOOKshelves. It’s comforting to me to know they will always be there. I read ebooks on my computer already and have for several years now. Certain books are keepers though and those books belong on my shelf for me to show off or grab when ever I want them.

    Allie: That’s just crappy. It’s like saying, “you’re about to lose your job and I’m helping get rid of it.” Jerks. And you’re right. I don’t see myself reading an e-reader in the bathtub or in the kitchen while I’m making dinner. Too many ways for me to damage it.

    Julie: Thanks. I wanted to have a little bit of fun today.

  6. scooper February 6, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    J9: Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’ve got a new layout in mind for later in the year, but I’ve got to figure out how to make it. 0_0 My mind got away from me last night and I began thinking of all the (funny) reasons why owning an ebook reader would suck. I know people love theirs and when I get mine I’m sure I will too. It will make using Netgalley much better as I won’t have to lay in bed with my laptop turned on its side. 🙂 You’re right, people reading is good, but does it really take putting it in an electronic gadget to get someone literate?

  7. J9 February 7, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Hi Scooper,
    I think yes it does take putting books on an electronic gadget to get people to literate, that is just the way things are these days. People just believe that they need everything to be some sort of gadget ect for them to even think about buying it. The ereader makes it even easier for them too as they dont have to go the store to buy a book they just do it at their finger tips now. I know a few people who have bought ereaders who never really read before and I thought that it was a waste of their money but they claim they read more and faster with the ereader which makes them like reading more (i dont really think that this is true but who know. I really dont know what people would do if the apocalypse come, I think most will just curl up in the corner constanly touching their Iphone screen and not understanding why it wont turn on, lol


  8. pkg March 5, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    Ebook reader can never replace a book. That is for sure. For me it will always be books. But at the same time if books can reach larger audience through ebook reader then it has certain utility.

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