Review: Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens

10 Mar

Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens
LUNA (February 2005)
Trade: $13.95
ISBN: 0-373-80215-3

Favorite Lines: “Most appealing of all was the small bud of hope that unfurled within her, the hope that she could help. She could find a place of her own where she was valued, where she fit.” (p. 16)

With their magic boundaries falling and terrible monsters invading, the Marshalls of Lladrana must follow ancient tradition and summon a savior from the Exotique land…

For Alexa Fitzwalter, the Marshall’s call pulled the savvy lawyer into a realm where she barely understood the language, let alone the intricacies of politics and power. Armed only with her wits, a mystical companion and the help of the chevalier Bastien, Alexa must use her very human mind and skills to fight the encroaching evil–and resist manipulation by the Marshalls to force her to stay in Lladrana.

Now torn between her affinity for this realm and Earth, will she return home if given the chance? Or dare she risk everything for a land not her own?

Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens is book one in the Summoning series.

The world where the story takes place is Lladrana, a world based on the feudal system with castes and roles for everyone. When Alexa steps through the portal from the human world to Lladrana, she tests into one of the highest places in society: guardian. She is the newest member of an elite group of magical people who are rich and control all information being dissipated to the people of Lladrana. Her love interest is the son of the guardian’s leader, a rogue and excellent chevalier or warrior.

For over half of the book, Bastien and Alexa have little to no contact with one another. So that doesn’t leave very much time for the two would-be lovers to form a connection strong enough to affect Alexa’s possible return to the human world. Sure they are in like with each other. Yes, Owens tells early on that Alexa has nothing holding her to the human world. But that does little to make me believe in the super quick, permanent relationship that the two build.

Guardian of Honor is a fantasy romance  that seems to equally follow a relationship between Alexa and Bastien and the danger facing the world of Llandrana. The premise for the story is interesting. I mean who can resist the idea of being yanked from one reality as the possible savior to another reality. Dislike of the characters and disbelief in their actions left me feeling disappointed in the book.

It’s not that the book is horrible, or badly written. It’s just that I didn’t connect to the world of Lladrana or its people, who more often than not, seemed cold. Most importantly, I didn’t believe the romance between Alexa and Bastien. I’ve read several positive reviews on Good Reads and Amazon, but I can’t honestly say I’d recommend this book to anyone.


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