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Review: Beneath the Skin by Adrian Phoenix

12 Mar

Originally posted at Scooper Speaks website.

Favorite Line: “Trapped within white stone the angel’s heart pulsed.” (p. 74)

The horror or Dante Baptiste’s life is coming to light, the angels have found a maker capable of saving heaven and FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace is now disposable. Heather, Dante and their crew are on the run from forces they don’t understand and the predators chasing them will do what ever it takes to capture Dante, a creature born of a vampire and an angel. Heather is also having dreams about her dead mother that threaten to reveal a secret that will rock her world.

Alliances have been made and will be broken in this third installment of the Maker’s Song series written by Adrian Phoenix. Beneath the Skin showcases characters spiraling out of control in an easy to follow manner. It picks up right at the end of In the Blood which means people trying to read this book as a stand alone will be lost.

The drug use continues in this book, as does the volcanic rage that seems to surround so many of the characters. The explosions are passionate. Some are crazy while others are predictable. Phoenix has done a remarkable job of creating manipulative, insane, sincere and shadowy characters who are realistic, fully-hashed and believable.

This urban fantasy series just keeps on running. From solving the mystery in book one to the discoveries that take place in book two, The Maker’s Song series keeps getting better. Beneath the Skin is a quick paced story that will suck you in and not let go. ‘Cause Dante is the kind of vamp who faces things head on. Expect people’s fantasies to be fulfilled and dashed, some major drama and the evolution of a powerful man.

This is my favorite book in the series. It is a strong book that puts Heather and Dante together as a couple, makes me hate certain characters, wonder about other characters and wish I had the next book in my hands.