Reading as a Job

8 Apr

What is your dream job? For me it would be a job that allowed me to read what I want and give my opinion of the book without being attacked for the audacity of having an opinion. I think we all know that job probably won’t jump out, wave its arms at me and scream  “Pick me. Pick me.” The closest I’ve come to that is having a book review blog.

I buy/borrow/am given interesting books, which I devour and regurgitate an opinion of. I temper my negative feelings before blurting them out (most of the time), but I’ve noticed lately that I’m not a very thick-skinned person. When people react negatively to my thoughts I begin to second guess myself and my desire to share. It’s an extremely personal reaction that I’m working on improving and it will take time.

While I work on me, I’d like to know how you feel about negative comments on your blog. Do they feel like personal attacks? How do you handle the comments which tell you how stupid you are? But most importantly….how to get my dream job?


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