Review: Beyond Foo by Obert Skye

16 Apr

Beyond Foo by Obert Skye (Nice cover art by Mr. Ben Sowards!)
Shadow Mountain (May 9, 2011)
Hardback: $14.99
ISBN: 978-1-60908-050-1

Favorite Line: “I hate evil’s intentions, its personality, and its slimy commitment to making life horrible for so many.” (p. 88)

Foo is the remarkable realm that allows us to hope, imagine, and dream. Geth a fearless Lithen, is one of the wisest and most respected beings of Foo. At the conclusion of the bestselling Leven Thumps series, the realm of Foo achieves balance–dreams can once again thrive and grow. With things in order, Geth and the beloved sycophant Clover set off to find a new adventure that leads beyond the hidden border of Foo and into an unknown land where dreams have been trapped and freedom has been crushed. Join Geth and Clover on a page-turning, mind-blowing, laugh-out-loud, and imagine-the-impossible quest. Your dreams will thank you!

Beyond Foo is the first book in a trilogy set in the imaginary world of Foo. It’s a spinoff from the Leven Thumps series which I have never read. The book attempts to catch readers up and knowledge of Leven Thumps unnecessary, but I had a hard time reading this book.

It felt like my brain was surrounded by cotton candy. I was slow to pick up on the events and I think there was humor, but it went right over my head. Sure the book is action packed, but it goes from being told in the third person to having a first person narrator speak.

Consider the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Often the narrator would introduce the characters and a little bit of the story, but the characters always took over the story. That is how Beyond Foo is written. For example, chapters one and two are told in third person. Chapter three begins with a paragraph told by a narrator who uses words like you and I. Then the second paragraph reverts to third person. When the narrator speaks he is giving a nugget of wisdom like don’t go through life with your eyes closed. Great information, but it took away from the story. Most of the remaining chapters had a narrator told paragraph before switching back to third person.

The actual story is interesting. I think I might be too old to enjoy the book though. The things that were supposed to be funny, weren’t funny to me. I was appalled at the actions the hero took to achieve whatever his goal was at the moment. For those who’ve read the book those scenes took place in a cave and later in a cage. I just couldn’t get into the story. Maybe a younger boy would have a better time connecting with the story.

Conclusion: I don’t see myself continuing this story. The hero is working to right a wrong, but his actions are those of an anti-hero at times. Kind of the like saying, “Do whatever it takes to reach the end you want to reach.” I also think not having read the Leven Thumps series was a detriment to me. Others will probably disagree, but this series is a no go for me.

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