Review: Waking Evil by Kylie Brant

27 Apr

Waking Evil by Kylie Brant
Berkley Sensation (October 2009)
Mass Market: $7.99
ISBN: 978-0-425-23071-8

Favorite Lines: “One minute she was upright, and the next he’d tripped her and her face was pressed in the dirt. His booted foot was on her back. “Damn right it does. And I’d like to tell you all ‘bout just how smart I am. But more than that, I’d like to show you.” The rifle barrel caressed a cool path over her cheek. “Because if ever there was a woman who needed spiritual cleansing, it’s you.”” (p. 333)

Buffalo Springs, Tennessee is a neighborly kind of place where folks leave their doors unlocked and crime is unheard of. But once every generation, a strange red mist settles over the town, and with it comes omens of death…

When the body of a young woman is found, forensic investigator Ramsey Clark is called in. She knows about the legend of the mist and about the curse that has the entire town afraid of the dark. But Ramsey believes in evidence, not superstition, despite what she’s told by the parapsychologist who has been dogging her every step. Then another murder rocks Buffalo Springs, and Ramsey begins to wonder if a killer is playing on everyone’s fears or if a prophecy is indeed being fulfilled—one victim at a time.

Waking Evil is the second book in Kylie Brant’s Mindhunters series. I did not read the first book, Waking Nightmare, but I was able to read this book without a problem. It can be read as a stand alone. As of 2011—there are five books in this series.

It’s a romantic suspense which is told from the third person POV.  The “all seeing eye” shows the story from the hero, heroine, a victim and villain’s points of view. During the time the reader is with the hero and heroine, the past which helped form their characters is brought up. For me it showed the growth their characters made off pages. The characters we meet are not the same people they were 10 years previous to the story being told.

The suspense was great. The story was well thought out and I liked the way the past was brought to light not only with the main characters, but within Buffalo Springs. The biggest issue I had with the book was the romance. I don’t find it plausible that Ramsey and Devlin fell in love so fast. They fell in love over the course of a few days. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, because they want to create a life together. I’m not sure that they will be able to have a HEA.

Waking Evil doesn’t really even feel like a romance. It feels like a suspense with a slight romantic thread.

Be aware that there is a slight paranormal aspect to this book. I was a little surprised by it, although looking back I shouldn’t have been. The only reason it works is because Devlin is a paranormal investigator. Honestly, I could have done without any paranormal action at all. In the end, the story was exciting but not one that I see myself reading again.


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