Updated Review Policy

20 May

My review policy really hasn’t changed that much, although it looks a bit different. However for your reading enjoyment and in honor of my upcoming fifth blogoversery, I give you my Updated Review Policy (and a little bit about me).

Scooper Speaks is a book review blog owned and written by Stacy Cooper, aka Scooper. It was created in August 2006. The  books reviewed on the site have been bought by Scooper or given to her by authors, publishers and publicists. She prefers to review the following genres: urban fantasy, romance and mystery, but she occasionally reviews YA and fictional books. Scooper does not accept self published books for review.

In general, all books will be read and honestly reviewed in a timely fashion. Any unsolicited books Scooper is unable to review will be featured on the blog. Scooper reserves the right to decline a request to review books. Reviews are posted on Scooper Speaks’ blog and at Scooper Speaks’ GoodReads account. The Scooper Speaks’ FaceBook page and Twitter account (scooper54) are also used to promote reviews posted at Scooper Speaks.

About Scooper

I live in Indiana and am a single mother of two extremely opinionated girls. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with emphasis in literature and writing from Indiana University and work from home as a freelance writer providing online content for websites.

Former jobs: jewelry store representative and bookkeeper; bookstore representative;  Band-Aid factory, putting Band-Aids in individual boxes (worst job ever!); metal fabricating factory, running press punch machine (I sucked at this job); anodizing factory, worked my way from the factory floor to being the assistant technical manager at the factory; a temporary secretary; and an obituary clerk at a newspaper.

Why do I review books? I like to give an honest opinion of the books I’ve read and I wanted to share my opinions with other people. I will never say that I enjoyed a book I didn’t like.

I don’t review every book I read. However, don’t be surprised if many of my book reviews are positive. In most cases, I’ve bought the books I’m reviewing or wanted them bad enough to request advanced copies. I choose the books I read. If I don’t like one, I’ll stop reading it.

To sum it all up: I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. I’m thankful to the authors, publicists and publishers who send me ARC’s and galley copies of books as it helps keep costs down. I love books and can’t wait to share that love with you.

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