Review: Demon by Kristina Douglas

11 Jun

Demon by Kristina Douglas (Love the cover!)
Pocket Books (May 2011)
Mass Market: $7.99
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9193-4

Favorite Lines: “You were Adam’s first wife and you refused to lie beneath him. You ran away when he begged you to return you refused. You chose to consort with devils and take the souls of babies, as bloody and terrible as Kali the Destroyer or any of the bloodthirsty demons that have roamed the universe. You fornicate with beasts, you seduce men in their dreams, and you slaughter newborns.” (p. 38)

Once the Fallen’s fearless ruler, a grieving Azazel must find the legendary siren meant to take his lost lover’s place . . . and kill her.

He’s a devil of an angel.

Azazel should have extinguished the deadly Lilith when he had the chance. Now, faced with a prophecy that will force him to betray the memory of his one true love and wed the Demon Queen, he cannot end her life until she leads him to Lucifer. Finding the First is the Fallen’s only hope for protecting mankind from Uriel’s destruction, but Azazel knows that ignoring his simmering desire for the Lilith will be almost as impossible.

She’s an angel of a demon.

Rachel Fitzpatrick wonders how Azazel could confuse her with an evil seductress. She’s never even been interested in sex! At least not before she set eyes on her breathtaking captor. And now she can’t think about anything else—besides escape.

Angels and demons don’t mix.

Rachel stirs a carnal need in Azazel that he never thought he’d feel again. Falling for a demon—even if she has no idea she’s the Lilith—means surrendering his very soul. But if he lets her go, he risks abandoning his heart, his dangerous lover, and possibly all of humanity, to Uriel’s deadly wrath.

Book two in Kristina Douglas’ The Fallen series focuses on the former leader of the Fallen angels, Azazel. In the first book, Raziel, Azazel lost the love of his life. Demon takes place almost seven years after the events of the first story. That time is needed to enable Azazel to come to terms with the romance which takes place in Demon.

I gotta say it…I never really liked Azazel. In his defense, he has spent thousands of years thinking horrible thoughts about Lilith the demon. Those feelings can’t be easy to discard, but his beliefs make a believable romance inconceivable. He hates her and the uncertain future she represents which makes his decisions believable and the idea of him ever loving Rachel unbelievable.

On the other hand, I really liked Rachel. She knew she was different, but not why. She doesn’t remember the past and most importantly is shocked that Azazel thinks she is a demon. Sure babies die around her, but she knows herself well enough to discard the thought of being a seductress and baby killer. Rachel is the opposite to Azazel in more ways than the obvious demon to his angel. She is upbeat, positive and willing to give in to her lust for the unknown angel. Azazel is depressing and staunchly against any romance ever.

Demon is a gritty and dark romance which takes place in an urban fantasy like setting. It is filled with emotional torture, evilness and hope that blossoms with the thought of  “if the hero and heroine can find love then so can anyone.” There is a scene which makes it seem impossible for the couple to be together, but as in all romances love overcomes all. I mean seriously who can mess with a prophesy.

To read it or not. That is the question. Wait…you want an answer? Well, I liked it far better than book one. It is an unsettling book and I enjoyed it. So, yep. Pick it up. It’s an interesting twist on stories told in traditional Christianity. I can’t wait until the next book in the series comes out. It’s gonna be Michael‘s story and I bet it’s a doozy.


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