Review: Man Law by Adrienne Giordano

5 Jul

 Man Law by Adrienne Giordano (The guy in the pic reminds me of Vin Diesel)
Carina Press (June 2011)
e-book: $5.99 (83,000 words)
ISBN: 9781426891854
Favorite Lines: “Okay. Think about where you’re taking me to dinner next week. I like anything. Particularly if you’ll be dessert.” (p. 76, e-galley)

Security Consultant Vic Andrews lives by his Man Laws:

Never mess with your best friend’s sister
Never get caught
Never get attached

But he can’t deny his irresistible attraction to Gina Delgado, a young widow with three kids and plenty of strings attached. Even so, having a physical relationship doesn’t mean they’re “in a relationship.”

Gina lost her husband to tragedy; she is not getting emotionally involved with another man in a dangerous profession. Sleeping with Vic is just stress relief.

Until one of Vic’s assignments goes wrong and the target selects Gina and her kids for revenge. There’s nothing Vic won’t do to protect Gina and the children—the family he realizes, too late, he wants. He’ll accomplish his mission but will he have lost his only chance at true love?

Adrienne Giordano is a new to me debut author. She writes the contemporary action packed Private Protectors romance series for Carina Press. Man Law is the first book in the series.

I liked the tension in the story, but I kept getting hung up on the way the story was worded. Maybe I’m a simpleton but I feel like there are areas where I’m told how the characters feel instead of being shown. I don’t even know that is exactly what I mean but I’ve got a few examples and would appreciate hearing what y’all think.

Vic dragged his tired ass into his office, set his coffee down and dropped into the desk chair. Why did Mondays always have to happen on Monday? Why couldn’t Friday happen on Monday? Jeez, he was worn thin, his brain whacking out on him. Friday on Monday? What the hell?


Then came the normal grocery shopping, kids’ birthday parties, sports, blah, blah, blah. He’d finally dropped into bed at midnight but was so overtired sleep wouldn’t come.


Forty-five flippin’ minutes later Vic stomped through Gina’s back door. Traffic at eleven o’clock at night. Go figure some drunk would wrap his car around a pole when he wanted to get to Gina’s for a quick visit.

I didn’t invest in the story and was bored. I thought Gina was cool then she turned bitchy and clingy. I didn’t like the way she wanted Vic to be involved only to shut him down when he tried. Sure she was a strong woman learning to separate her personality from her role as mother and widow, but the doubt she felt toward the her new relationship showed itself  in strange ways. She became a questioning nag.

I don’t want to bypass the good. I loved reading each man law at the top of every new chapter. I liked Vic, Michael and the other members of the protector team. I enjoyed Gina’s daughter, Lily. I was glad a romance book about a single mother looking for love involved child rearing issues. (Although it was kinda strange that the middle child didn’t get mentioned much.)

Don’t get me wrong. There is the emotional depth of the heroine learning to invest in a man after losing her teenage sweetheart. The issues involving a man with a dangerous living becoming part of a steady family unit are fully investigated. I just could not get into the story. I feel bad cause I know others are going to love it, but Man Law was just not for me.

A Just Deception will be released in September 2011 and Risking Trust will be released in November 2011.


2 Responses to “Review: Man Law by Adrienne Giordano”

  1. janicu July 6, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    I think those phrases that you have highlighted in blue have a too-casual flippancy to them. I think if this was first person or if they were used in dialogue, I’d feel more OK with it, but it looks like the book is in third person, and that throws me off.

  2. scooper July 6, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    The book is in third person, so when I’d come across those phrases I was yanked out of the story and left to reread over and over trying to figure out what was wrong.

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