Review: His Darkest Salvation by Juliana Stone

26 Jul

His Darkest Salvation by Juliana Stone
HarperCollins/AVON (July 2011)
Mass Market: $7.99; ebook: $7.99
ISBN: 9780062022639

Favorite Lines: “Stupid, weak woman. Your path was set, the only thing you needed to do was choose wisely. It should have been one of our own, and now…” He spit at her though his voice never deviated from a flat tone. “You’re damaged goods…nothing more than a whore who plays in her resort, fucking anything that moves.” (p. 70, egalley)

After six months in hell, Julian Castille has returned to the world a changed man. No longer the longer the calm, powerful CEO, but a shifter fully embraced by the blood of his clan. Julian has one goal: find the key to the portal that stands between the human realm and unprecedented darkness-in order to win back the pieces of his soul. The last thing he needs is a distraction like the beautiful, enigmatic Jaden DaCosta.

Three years ago, a forbidden night of passion left Jaden forever altered: mated to Julian Castill–bound to a man who despises her. But the temptation to trust this darker, more savage–and more captivating–Julian is overwhelming. And as they fight for their immortal souls, their insatiable desire for each other may prove their fatal undoing…

Book three in Juliana Stone’s Jaguar Warrior series, His Darkest Salvation, shows the dark side of paranormal romance while highlighting the effects of love. I have not read the previous books (His Darkest Hunger and His Darkest Embrace) in the series. I think I’d have been more intrigued had I invested in the characters by reading those books. As it stands, the story was not horrible, nor was it spectacular. It simply was.

References to the couple’s past intermingle with characters from the first two stories to create a beloved atmosphere to those who love the series. For me, it was added information but didn’t really make me feel anything. I didn’t know the man who existed prior to being sucked into hell. I didn’t know the girl who dreamed of love before having her feelings crushed. I met hardened characters. It isn’t a bad thing, I just wasn’t rooting for the couple in the same manner as those who may have met them in previous books.

Jaden, the heroine, is a double agent. She is a complex woman whom I took an instant liking. She survived a vicious home life, heart break and the machinations of those who want her dead. She just can’t seem to catch a break. Julian, on the other hand, was an arrogant ass turned into a deadly man on a secret mission.

My biggest issue with the story was the ease at which Jaden’s family crap was resolved. I expected so much more than I got. I knew Jaden’s father as a brutal man and her brother as a scheming murderer, but the end of their story line quietly slipped away. Sure there was a battle, but not the battle I’d hoped to read about.

The conflict between the two main characters is played out almost to the end of the book. Yes, it’s romance and there’s a happy ending. However, it felt like a lukewarm happy ending. Not all of the plot lines were ended, which left more questions than answers. And what was happy for the hero and heroine, was not so great for those who worked beside them. I guess all you really need to know is that the end of the book sets the scene for book four.

Read it or skip it?: Read it. It’s a mid-road type of book. If you love shifters and moody, alpha men, you’ll prob. adore this addition to the paranormal romance book shelf. For me, it’s not one that I see myself reading again.


2 Responses to “Review: His Darkest Salvation by Juliana Stone”

  1. Mandi July 26, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    I DNF’d book two. Did not read book one. I don’t know – based on this review for #3, just don’t think this series is for me. I know lots who like it though 🙂

  2. scooper July 26, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    I kept reading wonderful reviews of the story, but they all listed the series as being great. I’m glad I didn’t pick up the previous two if you DNF one of them.

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