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Review: Our Best Bites–Mormon Moms in the Kitchen by Sara Wells and Kate Jones

5 Aug

Our Best Bites–Mormon Moms in the Kitchen by Sara Wells and Kate Jones
Shadow Mountain (February 2011)
Hard cover: $25.99
ISBN: 9781606419311

Our Best Bites is a spiral bound cookbook filled with all types of treats. It has a plastic insert on which equivalent measurements and metric conversions are printed; it is full of glossy, enticing recipe photos and can be bought at B&N for $16.24.

I tried a few of the recipes and am thrilled with the results. I made the Brazilian Lemonade, Orange Thai Beef Skewers and Savory Coconut Rice for dinner, all of which were winners. I’ve gotta admit, I didn’t allow the beef to marinate for the recommended four to eight hours. I bought think sliced flank steak and marinated it for an hour. I didn’t use the skewers either, but the meat still came out delicious.

On the downside, while I loved the food, my kids hated it. My mother enjoyed it and thought it was geared toward adult tastes. The girls aren’t used to eating Thai food, but with time they might grow to enjoy the food. It really doesn’t matter though. The cookbook has such a variety of recipes that I’m sure to find other foods the girls will love.

In addition to the book, the authors have an excellent website. Many of the recipes are posted on the site with step by step photo illustrations. However, I like having them all published into one book.

This is definitely a must have cookbook I encourage you to add to your collection.