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Cheap, But Nice Cookbooks

12 Aug

Occasionally I find some great bargains that I just have to share. While playing online this week I found a few pretty good deals on cookbooks. You don’t need to be a foodie some to get into cookbooks; some of the books have great party ideas. Without further ado…I give you….Cheap, but nice cookbooks!

A Zombie Ate My Cupcake: 25 Deliciously Weird Cupcake Recipes can be bought for $6.38.

Pick up Bon Appetit Celebrations Deck: 50 Recipes for Special Parties and Happy Holidays All Year Long for $3.67.

Victoria and Lucinda's Flavour of the Month: A Year of Food and Flowers costs $2.43.

Pops! by Krystina Castella costs $4.75.

Cakepops by Bakerella is selling for $8.95.

What's New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson is selling for $8.95.