Review: Bound by Night by Amanda Ashley

13 Aug

Bound by Night by Amanda Ashley
Kensington (August 2011)
Mass Market: $6.99; ebook: $5.99
ISBN: 9781420104455

Favorite Lines: “A cry erupted from his throat, torn from the very depths of his being, a mournful wail that rolled all of his pain and loneliness into one long anguished howl that reverberated against the walls and echoed in every room of the Fortress.

And those who loved him heard and wept bitter tears.” (p. 150, ARC)

A Vampire’s Kiss Is Forever. . .

Once featured in a horror movie, the crumbling Wolfram estate is said to be haunted by ghosts, witches, and worse. But Elena doesn’t believe a word of it—until she spends the night and wakes up in the arms of a compelling stranger. . .

Tall, dark, and disturbingly handsome, Drake is the most beautiful man Elena has ever seen. For centuries, he has lived alone, and Elena is the first woman to enter his lair—and survive. And Drake is the first man to touch her heart and soul. By the time she discovers who he really is—and what he craves—it’s too late. Blood lust has turned to love, and Elena is deeply under Drake’s spell. But forever comes at a price for each of them. . .

Don’t let the vamped out sex kitten on the cover fool you. Elena is a “good girl,” not a black widow looking to draw some man in to her little web. I also don’t like the similarities between the models used on Bound by Night and Bound by Blood, it’s disturbing how similar the women look wearing their black leather clothes and clinging to their men.

I think I’ve read most of Amanda Ashley’s vampire books and it never seems to matter whether I liked a book or not, I always get her newest books. So when Bound by Night was released there was really no question about if I would read it. The question was when would I read it.

Now I’ve read Bound by Night and its follow-up, Bound by Blood, which is about the couple’s daughter finding love. Of the two I liked Bound by Blood the best because I liked the heroine better. I also read the books backwards, something I don’t recommend.

Elena is the virginal heroine in need of protection. She flees a creepy, abusive uncle and finds a mysterious man. It takes a while for her to realize he isn’t human, but that does nothing to deter her from finding her own personal happily ever after. The bored, vampire hero is amazed at the woman who makes him interested in life again. He is forced into extreme actions to protect her, both physically and emotionally.

I think the best parts of Bound by Night revolve around dysfunctional family scenes. Both the hero and the heroine come from jacked up families based around self-centered men. The men are maniacal and power-hungry, and do all they can to ruin their families under the guise creating a stronger (better) family unit. The men are vicious, however, it takes more than the madness of men to prevent true love.

What I really think: I wasn’t wowed or amazed with the story. It was predictable and well…it was…okay. It reminded me of the vampire romance books released in the early 2000s. I knew exactly what was going to happen before it happened.

Some books have a way of making the reader feel like part of the story. The characters, world and events feel real. Bound by Night was like reading a book. So now you’re saying, “Hey, Scooper. That’s what you were doing. Reading a book.” Well–I know. But the book didn’t transport me to another world. It was like a low-level droning on the page. I didn’t hate it, nor did I love it.

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